Cowboys Take Away the Undefeated to the Saints

Cowboys Take Away the Undefeated to the SaintsThe Dallas Cowboys went into the Super Dome in New Orleans Louisiana to highlight some Saints, unbeaten and remove the step to show others stop teams like Drew Brees and his receivers endless.

Surprise? ... In any way, we saw the Saints go problems against teams of lesser caliber than the Cowboys.

Each week, New Orleans exhibits shortcomings in several of the lines (except the game against New England).

Dallas did what all or most of the teams had been doing, which is putting pressure on Drew Brees, only Dallas unlike others, also had the white covered Brees for almost the entire game, reducing the MVP candidate to a more deadly.

Brees harassing fire and deceit, excellent coverage of the deep zone and the ability to specify quickly and convincingly, the Cowboys were gradually choking the Saints who did not know how to attack a defense with experience.

The possession time was another factor used by the Cowboys to stop this offensive recording 36:26 for 23:34.

"All the goals we set for ourselves are still there," said Marques Colston resigned his face.

Sure, the Saints winning their next two games against Tampa Bay and Carolina claim to have the playoffs at home. But know the question of whether manage a game against an opponent with more experience as Philadelphia, Dallas and Minnesota, will be present until a rival in front of your caliber or higher than them.

"If we play in the playoffs like we did today, we will have the same result tonight," said safety Darren Sharper for the Saints.

Drew Brees was sacked 6 times, dropped the ball with 6 seconds left on the clock with the Saints down by seven points.

The victory leaves the Cowboys with a 9-5 mark pending what you do today to get Philadelphia to San Francisco, the Eagles win today and next week, Dallas also assuming it does, the final game of regular season the face in a likely duel for the NFC East.

The Saints lost for the first time this season and failed to score three touchdowns for the first time this season. The Cowboys won for the first time in their last game in December.

Tony Romo has not returned to throwing an interception in his last 156 deliveries, and this is her longest stretch.

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