Messi Won the Prize of the FIFA World Player 2009

Messi won the prize of the FIFA World Player 2009Lionel Messi today capped a 2009 to remember when receiving in Zurich on FIFA World Player award, the last thing he needed to sign a year "perfect".

The Barcelona player scored 1073 votes and going well into Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, second today with 352 in a list that also included the Spanish nominees Xavi Hernandez (196), Kaka (190) and the Spanish Andres Iniesta (134) . In total, 147 coaches and captains of national teams cast their vote.

"It is my great honor to receive this award because it gave colleagues from other teams. This means ending a great year for Barcelona, my classmates and me," said Messi shy after receiving the award from President of UEFA, Michel Platini.

At 22, Messi spent a year as a few glorious. The Argentine won everything he could to win, both individually and collectively.

The FIFA award for Best Player of the Year, voted by all the coaches and captains of national teams, joined the prestigious Golden Ball gave the magazine France Football in early December and the designation of best player of Champions and World Cup.

But mostly he joined the six titles of Barcelona. Messi was the star of the team that wrote in 2009 one of the most brilliant pages in the history of club football. Barcelona won the Spanish League, Copa del Rey, Champions League, the Super Cup of Spain and Europe on Saturday, the Club World Cup.

In fact, the Argentine, with Xavi and Iniesta, barely had time to digest the victory to the students in Abu Dhabi, where he was again decisive scoring it 2-1 in overtime, a goal with his chest to reach only the geniuses.

The three players flew five hours today aboard a private plane from 30 degrees Celsius in Kuwait until the zero of Zurich, in reality only a "technical stop" on the way home.

Messi, who suffered a small sprain during the Club World Cup, will check tomorrow in Barcelona for the Argentina team doctor to decide whether to play the friendly match against Catalonia. "I'll talk to Diego (Maradona) and see if I play or not," he said.

Hence, according to his brother, Rodrigo, Messi family will travel to Argentina to spend some days in their home, Rosario. All were now near the Barcelona forward, his parents, George and Celia, and his brothers, Rodrigo Matias and Marisol.

The Messi will not enjoy a long vacation, because the template is called again on 29 December to prepare for return to competition on Saturday, January 2 at Villarreal.

But the work can wait. Today was the day of praise. The winner's name was not revealed until the end of the gala at the Palace of Congresses in Zurich, FIFA headquarters city, but everyone knew who would win.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself, his great rival, admitted even before the ceremony. "He had a very good year, played very well. I have no doubt that is going to win today," said the Real Madrid side, who won the award in 2008.

"It's unique," agreed his two teammates, Xavi and Iniesta, men to whom the same as those responsible Messi says he can shine, the brains of Barcelona.

The attacker "FC Barcelona" is the first Argentine player to win the award in its 19 editions. It was also the first to receive the Golden Ball but has yet to earn the unconditional love of his country's fans, who after emigrating to Barcelona 13 years to feel like yet entirely its own.

"I'm tired, but it bothers me a bit," he said of the criticism in his country for its poor performance with the selection. "I'm Argentine and I feel the shirt as anybody."

"I was lucky to get everything with my club and I love it do with the Argentina shirt," he said. Next year will have the opportunity to prove at the World Cup in South Africa, although there will be in hand or Xavi or Iniesta.

But that will be in 2010. Today was the day to remember 2009 as he himself said, "a perfect year."

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