NFL Odds – Week 15 Picks and Odds

NFL Betting – Week 15 Picks Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans

Sportsbook Odds: Titans -3

The Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans are both battling for their playoff lives, although the Dolphins have a much better chance to make the playoffs.

As it stands know, the Jacksonville Jaguars did the Dolphins and Titans a big favor on Thursday night. They lost at home to the Indianapolis Colts, which dropped them from the No. 6 seed in the AFC to the No. 9 seed. The Titans are currently all the way down at No. 11, but they are just one win away from the Baltimore Ravens, who are 7-6 in the No. 6 spot.

The Dolphins won on the road in Jacksonville last week and will definitely have a tough task winning two straight on the road.

For the Titans, they’ll get Vince Young back into the lineup, which obviously makes a big difference. He was forced out of last week’s contest with a hamstring injury and Kerry Collins finished the game.

Overall, these are two fairly equal teams with similar styles. Both teams have young quarterbacks that are getting better, both teams rely on the running game and both teams play defense. With all things equal, home field advantage should be the difference as the Titans find a way to win.

NFL Betting Picks: Titans -3

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

5Dimes Reviews Odds: Jets -3.5

The Atlanta Falcons have been in a nose dive for weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better this week. One week after a valiant effort nearly helped them knock off the top team in the NFC, the Falcons head on the road to East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Falcons are an indoor team heading outdoors and they will likely be without their starting quarterback, Matt Ryan, and starting running back, Michael Turner.

Meanwhile, the Jets are expecting their starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, to be back in the lineup.

The Falcons were 4-1 at one point this season but have lost six of their last eight games. Part of the reason they have fallen flat on their face is the fact that their defense is one of the worst in the NFL.

This week, the Jets should be able to wear the Falcons down, who will be playing with backups. The Falcons were competitive over the last three weeks with backups, but those games were at home. It will be different on the road.

Sports Betting Systems Picks: Jets -3.5


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