Tiger Woods Wife Leaves the House with their Childrens

Tiger Woods Wife Leaves the House with their ChildrensThe wife of golfer Tiger Woods, the former Swedish model Elin Nordegren, began moving to leave shortly, along with his two sons, the residence she shared with the well-known sportsman, today publishes the New York Post.

"He plans to leave the house and go live somewhere else with their children," said a source close to the Woods family to the Daily News, published images of several moving trucks parked at the residence of the golfer in Florida, where many packages were removed and works of art carefully wrapped.

Nordegren was in the house on Tuesday and instructed the workers of the removal company, according to the newspaper, about what he had to remove the housing that occurred before the end of November the strange car accident that uncovered Tiger Woods scandal and his alleged harem of mistresses.

Woods American media focuses attention since she shot to light the possible cause of the accident was an attack of jealousy by his wife, who had discovered that her husband had had several lovers. Golfer himself later acknowledged publicly that he had been unfaithful.

The Post says Nordegren had not left home before "because his son had the flu" and that the former Swedish model was proposed to spend the Christmas holidays away from her husband "in a warm place and with his family and their children.

Another source told the newspaper that small of Woods and Nordegren, Sam, aged two, and Charlie, ten months, who has been with his mother in a restaurant near the residence, are well, " seem happy and healthy, and do not realize the seriousness of the problem. "

However, the former model, according to the same source, is "thin to the bone and kept a very intense and passionate conversation with the two adults who accompanied her" during the meal he took with his children.

The Post, which also explains Nordegren on Wednesday that no longer wears the wedding ring, reveals that Woods paid his various lovers between five and ten thousand dollars a month through bank transfers them to remain silent about the adventures they had shared with the golfer.

"The money arrived for a transfer. There was no contract or talk about it, but it was clear that the money came in exchange for silence, "said one of the alleged lover of sports, which ensures that the night of the accident Woods called her from his line of home because her wife had taken his mobile phone.

Since she shot the scandal have appeared a dozen women who say they were lovers ranked golfer in the world both before and during their marriage, most notably an actress in pornographic films whose services, according to the Post, Woods hired for one of their birthday parties.

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