2009: Those Who are Gone Already - NFL Playoffs Analysis

NFL Playoffs NewsEverything is ready for the start of the playoffs next weekend, you can check the NFL Playoff Schedule at Doc´s Sports. Seeing the other side of the coin, teams ended their season earlier than expected.

In 2008 Pittsburgh was a squad (although it was not dominant at all) can win the close games. Just remember the Super Bowl against Arizona, but this year the balance was loaded on the other side and therefore the elimination became a reality. The Steelers became the thirteenth-ranked team not to make the NFL Playoff Brackets after winning the Super Bowl.

What about the Broncos? After a splendid start with a new coach and a new pin, were overcome. First for San Diego, who fought for the title of the West and now the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets, who are looking for tickets for the AFC wild card. Despite all this, I think I did too for a set to start the season looked to win five or six NFL Betting games.

Miami also was a disappointment. It is true that first lost Chad Pennington and Ronnie Brown later (the soul of the offense of "wildcat"), but either way and thought that stability had come to the Dolphins.

A further disappointment was Terrell Owens with the Buffalo Bills. We must admit that it is difficult to excel in a team that is in the midst of reconstruction, but hoped that Terrell became the figure who bear the burden of the Bills. Unfortunately this did not happen and all I saw was both cocky and selfish type who left the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

The Raiders are already suffering a chronic illness. Discomfort expressed by the public for Al Davis did not continue with the recruitment of staff, we now have jokes about the possible death of the owner, who perhaps has not been disclosed. The Raiders are probably the most lives squadron of memory. His motto "Commitment to Excellence" takes us back to days of glory, which have lagged far behind. The Raiders JaMarcus Russell can put in the "Hall of Shame" as one of the less fortunate picks of all time, next to Ryan Leaf.


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