NFL Betting – Cardinals Experience Will Carry Them In New Orleans

NFL Divisional Playoffs BettingWhen the Cardinals go marching in to New Orleans, they won’t have a lot of advantages but one that will be on their side will be experience. Last week, NFL betting cappers know that it was the difference and it will be once again this week.

Sports betting sharps saw a different Kurt Warner than they had seen in the last month of the season. Warner finished 29-of-33 with 379 yards and five touchdowns. If he plays like that again, he’ll be tough to stop along with the Cardinals.

Why The Cardinals Can Win

The Cardinals actually played better on the road than they did at home this year, which is a great sign for them. They were 6-2 away from home this year and they played very sharp on the road.

Their entire team went to the Super Bowl last year and they had a similar run like this a year ago. Nobody believes in them, they are a weekly underdog and they are just buying time until they lose. They were a home underdog to Green Bay last week and they pulled it out. Considering how the Saints played down the stretch – losing three straight – they can hop on top of this listless team early and really force their hand.

Why The Saints Can Win

Because the Saints always thrive in a shootout. The Packers put 45 points and 500+ yards worth of offense on the Cardinals defense last week – what are the Saints capable of doing?

They had a week off to clear their minds, nurse some wounds and study their problems. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have been this far in the playoffs once before, so they won’t be complete newbies.

This is the perfect matchup for the Saints – they just have to play their game.

What Will Happen

The Saints will feel confident going into this game but the Cardinals will hop on top of them early on. The difference is they know that in the playoffs you have to kick it up a notch and we saw it last week when they hung 51 on one of the best defenses in the NFL. The Saints will be a bit rusty after a bye week and that will be all it takes for the Cards to get ahead and play with the lead like they did last week.

BSNblog Pick: Saints -7

NFL Picks: Cardinals +7


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