NFL Betting – Eagles-Cowboys…Again

NFL Betting – Eagles-Cowboys…Again Since 1970, there have been 19 instances where two teams have faced each other three times in a season. In 12 of those series, there have been sweeps.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be hoping to help the smaller part of that stat out as they have already lost to the Dallas Cowboys twice this year and will be looking to avoid a third – and season-ending loss – to the Cowboys this Saturday.

Those following the NFL lines know that the Cowboys shutout the Eagles last week and have a very good chance to win again this week. The Cowboys are favored by four and unless the Eagles can come up with a different game plan, they are likely to lose.

Why The Eagles Can Win

The Philadelphia Eagles have the most explosive passing offense in the NFL. They led the league with 21 passing plays of 40 yards or longer and with DeSean Jackson on the field, they can score at any point.

Those who are betting NFL football know that you can only contain Jackson for so long, but at the same time, the Eagles have to create some other threats. In the two matchups this year, they haven’t run the ball well. By running the football, it will force the Cowboys to pay attention to other aspects of the offense other than Jackson.

Once the Eagles soften the Cowboys defense up, then they can go deep to Jackson all they want.

Why The Cowboys Can Win

The Dallas Cowboys can win because they have the edge on the line of scrimmage. In two games against the Eagles this year, the Cowboys have eight sacks and have held the Eagles running game to 3.8 yards per carry. Last week, the Eagles only ran the ball a total of 10 times.

Look for more of the same from the Cowboys, who know they can protect Tony Romo and they can attack Donovan McNabb when they feel like it.

The Cowboys are hot right now and considering they know what it takes to be the Eagles, they should be confident for this game.

What Will Happen

Those who bet on sports know that the Cowboys are hot right now. Romo has a quarterback rating of 100 or more in five of his last six games, Miles Austin is impossible to cover, Jason Witten is a solid weapon over the middle and the running game is working.

The Cowboys have the edge along the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and that will again be the difference.

NFL Picks: Cowboys -4


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