Super Bowl OddsSuper Bowl XLIV odds are getting all the attention right now as Indianapolis and New Orleans prepare for the biggest game of the season in Miami, and while it would be a great story for the Saints to come away with the win, the all-business Colts will be on top Sunday night.

Saints vs Colts odds – Sunday, February 7, 6:20 PM ET

The Saints have been a tale of two teams during the playoffs. First, they destroyed Arizona thanks to the Cardinals’ awful secondary and a physical pass rush of Kurt Warner. This was also the same team for the first half of their game against Minnesota, but it was a different story in the second half as the Vikings were moving the ball at will, and the Saints couldn’t. The only thing that saved the Saints was five turnovers by the Vikings, and if you think that the Colts will make that many mistakes, head over to your online super casino and place your bets.

The Colts have looked the same all season long, outside of the last two games of the season in which they focused on resting their starters, which rookie head coach Jim Caldwell took a lot of heat for. But any time the Colts have went out to win a game with their first-stringers this year, they have, and it all starts with Peyton Manning, and with him, the Colts never feel like they’re out of it. The Colts are a bit worried by the ankle injury to defensive end Dwight Freeney, and it’s being reported that he won’t be effective if he plays. That said, the Colts have the depth and system in place that they can make up for the loss of Freeney.

The Colts have a 5.5-point edge in this contest, and you have to remember that the Colts have been here before, winning the Super Bowl over Chicago four years ago. The Colts haven’t blinked this year, whether they face one of the NFL’s elite, or a lower-tier team. The Colts prepare for everyone the same, and you can bet they have a gameplan for Drew Brees and his band of weapons. The Saints will be game, but when it comes down to the fourth quarter, give me Manning and the Colts.

NFL picks: Colts -5.5


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