Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions - NFL Preseason Betting Week 4

If the preseason was what everyone was betting on for teams to make the Super Bowl then the Buffalo Bills would be a contender. The Bills have looked surprisingly good this preseason, and they have looked good matching up first-string offenses with first-string defenses. The first-string Bills offense has been able to put up points, and the defense has been suffocating on opposing offenses.

The preseason NFL betting was thrown into a tailspin when the first-string Buffalo Bills offense successfully went toe-to-toe with the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills defense looked to confuse Peyton Manning and keep him at bay. C.J. Spiller was a major factor in college football betting, and now he looks to make an impact on the pros. The Bills look good but, then again, this is only preseason.

The Detroit Lions looked great in their most recent preseason game against the Cleveland Browns. The Detroit defense had a little trouble with the Cleveland offense at times, but they were able to hold on and get to Jake Delhomme a few times. Matthew Stafford looked poised and ready to start his climb to elite quarterback status in the NFL. It will take Stafford a few years, but he will get there.

It looks like the days of one or two wins seasons are over in Detroit. The combination of quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson looks to become another version of the Houston Texans’ combination of Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. The Lions will win games this season, but they are far from being a Super Bowl contender.

Before Bills fans get too excited about the regular season they need to keep in mind that the defenses being played by the opposing teams are vanilla. The Bills offensive line has not needed to react to stunting linebackers blitzing on opposite sides, and a corner blitz in the preseason is rare. Running back C.J. Spiller does pose a running threat that takes heat off of quarterback Trent Edwards, but it won’t take NFL coordinators long to figure out how to shut Spiller down.

In the fourth preseason game the starters rarely play. Fans hate paying for a preseason game ticket because they want to leave the developmental scouting to the team. If you bet on NFL football then you know that there are sometimes not even odds posted on fourth week preseason games. But this game could be very interesting.

The Bills second-string and third-string have, at times, looked better than the starters. There are still many that believe that third-string quarterback Brian Brohm should be the starter in Buffalo. Second-string quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starter for a large majority of the season last year. The Bills second-string defense looks especially potent.

The Lions second-string is not nearly as accomplished as the Bills. The offense looks sluggish under Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton, and once first-round pick defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh comes off the field with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams, there ceases to be a Detroit pass rush.

The Bills just may have the upper hand in the battle of the two’s in this game.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 28-10

NFL oddsIt is difficult to bet against the New England Patriots when quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick are working together. Earlier in the preseason it looked like the wheels might come off the Patriots perfectly constructed wagon. Tom Brady was speaking out in the media against the HBO show “Hard Knocks” which is completely unlike Brady and the Patriots lost last week to the St. Louis Rams.

The preseason loss to the Rams would not be so discouraging if it wasn’t for the fact that the first-string Patriots defense made rookie St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford look like a 10-year pro. If you are betting on NFL games this year that involve the Patriots, then their young and inexperienced starting defense has to be a concern.

The New York Giants have just come off of two tough preseason losses. The Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked past the Giants 24-17 two weeks ago, and last week the Baltimore Ravens pummeled the Giants 24-10. The concern in New York this season is the same as it always has been; the offense.

Eli Manning is paid like an elite quarterback, and he puts up impressive numbers each season but he always seems to have problems getting that 80-yard drive to seal a game that the Giants really need. Ever since the Giants lost their three-back attack at running back, Eli has looked questionable.

On defense it looks like the Giants have found yet another stud on the defensive line in rookie defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. He may not yet be able to affect pro games like he did college football betting, but working next to guys like Osi Yumeniora can only help the young man’s career.

The loss to the Rams was shocking to the Patriots and their fans. While it was only preseason, both first-string teams looked ineffective for New England. It is doubtful that a preseason loss to the Rams will affect the football betting action surrounding the Patriots this season, but it is something that the coaching staff noticed and they will look to make changes before the season starts.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may see limited action in this game if he plays at all, but first-string quarterback Eli Manning may play a couple of series in this game just to get warmed up. In the first preseason game against the New York Jets, Eli was hammered without his helmet on and had a gash in his forehead that required 12 stitches to close up. He has not been able to practice with a helmet on, and has not played since. Head coach Tom Coughlin may want to get Eli in this game a little bit just to get Eli some game playing time before the season starts.

The Patriots still have some second-string defensive players that could be first-string depending on how they play in this game. So, from a Patriots perspective, this game is very important. The Giants are pretty much set all around on their roster so, aside from a little more Eli than he may want to use, Tom Coughlin will probably use this game to determine who stays and who goes with Big Blue.

Pick: New England Patriots 35-20

Baseball Odds Game Preview - Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Baseball BettingThe betting world could have never predicted what happened in the opening game of this series between the Astros and the Phillies. Ryan Howard was ejected in the 14th inning of a 16 inning game for throwing his bat, and that meant that former Astros pitcher and now Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt had to play left field. It would be a sequence of events that would cost the Phillies the game, and Philadelphia hopes that Ryan Howard can keep his cool the rest of this series.

In Houston, they are already thinking about NFL betting and NCAA football betting. The Houston Texans of the NFL look like they may challenge for a playoff spot this year and the town is buzzing. Ever since the Astros fell out of the playoff chase and then gave up Oswalt to the Phillies, Houston has not been buzzing too much about the Astros.

It is too bad because the Astros have won six of their last 10 which includes a winning streak that was continued with that long first game of this series. But at 15 and a half games back in the standings, the Astros look to have no chance at the NL Central pennant or the NL Wild Card berth.

Ryan Howard’s temper did not help the Phillies at all. Losing the first game of this series kept the Phillies two and half games away from the NL East leading Atlanta Braves. To top it off, the Braves lost that night which means the Phillies lost a chance to gain one game on them. The loss by the Phillies, coupled with a win by the San Francisco Giants, now puts the Giants and Phillies tied for the NL Wild Card berth. The Phillies have a lot to play for in this series.

When the season started, MLB betting experts had the Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals meeting in the NLCS. If that is going to happen, the Phillies need to get back to winning and the Cardinals need to stop losing to teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In this game the Phillies are sending Kyle Kendrick to the mound. Kendrick has an 8-6 record and a 4.58 ERA. He has been spectacular at times, and at other times he looks lost on the mound. This season, Kendrick has nine starts where he has allowed five or more earned runs. The Phillies could use a good Kendrick effort in this game.

The Astros will be sending Wandy Rodriguez to the mound for this game. It has been a tough year for Rodriguez as he has pitched well but holds a 9-12 record and a 4.00 ERA. The defense behind him and the run support when he has been on the mound have both been lacking this season. As an example, in his last start he had 10 strikeouts, only allowed two runs and still lost to the Marlins.

The Astros scored four runs in their 16 inning epic win to start this series. If they can continue to do that, then they have a chance at beating the Phillies, The Phillies need to work at keeping the wheels on the track. Howard’s ejection and Oswalt’s terrible pitching since joining the Phillies are contributing to Philadelphia’s drop in the standings.

Pick: Philadelphia Phillies 4-2

MLB OddsThe baseball betting world never expected the San Diego Padres to be challenging for the NL West pennant. It was supposed to be the Giants and the Dodgers battling away for the pennant, but things just have a funny way of working out. Now the Padres lead the NL West by five and half games over the Giants and the Dodgers are not even in the picture.

The NFL betting and NCAA football betting will have to wait for a while in Southern California as the Padres are getting geared up for the playoffs. The Padres have won seven of their last 10 which includes a current two-game winning streak. That has helped to put some distance between themselves and the Giants as the Giants have gone .500 in their last 10 games.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are 27 games out of first place in the NL West and planning for the future. With roster experimentation comes losing baseball games, and the Diamondbacks have lost seven of their last 10 games. Arizona has been experimenting with AAA players at almost every position to see who will be part of the line-up next season, and to see which current players need to go.

The Diamondbacks will put Ian Kennedy on the mound for this game in an attempt to evaluate their starting rotation. Kennedy has had a tough season with a 7-9 record and a 4.41 ERA. He is having a difficult time keeping control of his pitches, and he is also showing difficulty in getting his signs in from the catcher.

Padres starting pitcher Kevin Correia has been a surprise to MLB betting experts this season. He has a 10-8 record with a 4.82 ERA. If Correia could get off to better starts in games, he could very well be a 15-game winner each season. It takes Correia an inning or two to get really rolling, and if a team gets to him in the early innings then it can be a short night for the San Diego starter.

The Diamondbacks have fallen below the level of playing for pride this season. They are definitely in a rebuilding phase, and the evaluation of new talent has taken a toll on the team’s record the past few weeks. More than likely, the D-Backs will come out next season with a very different starting pitching rotation as there are few starters on the roster worth keeping.

The Padres want to keep rolling right on into the playoffs. They are taking a look at their entire roster and trying to put together the best possible line-up to challenge in the playoffs. This Padre team has been one of the better teams in recent years, and they could be gearing up for a good playoff run. So, don’t look for many minor leaguers on the field for the Padres. The pedal is down and San Diego is blazing right towards the playoffs.

Pick: San Diego Padres 6-2

NFL OddsIt is only preseason, but the betting experts are already cringing from the way the Rams’ rookie quarterback Sam Bradford is getting knocked around. Bradford did not get sacked in the last preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, but he only went 6 for 14 with 24 yards in the air. The rookie is getting a rude welcome to the NFL.

The leaves the NFL football betting enthusiasts in St. Louis wondering how this coming season will play out. Will the Rams employ a tactic more commonly seen by NCAA football betting experts and utilize a platoon system at quarterback with Sam Bradford and Keith Null (until A.J. Feeley comes back from his thumb injury)? Or is this still Bradford’s job? If the Rams were smart, they would put Feeley out there when he is healthy and let Bradford learn from the sidelines where he cannot get hurt.

On a brighter note for the Rams, running back Steven Jackson ripped off an 11-yard run as one of his four attempts in the Cleveland game. Rookie running back Keith Toston also looked good as he carried the ball 13 times for 23 yards. Considering what the Rams are working with for an offensive line, those are good numbers for a rookie running back.

The New England Patriots are doing just fine this preseason. In their most recent preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, quarterback Tom Brady went 10 for 12 in passing with 85 yards and a touchdown. Receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker both played well, but it is difficult to watch the Pats play and not wonder how much better they would be with wide receiver Torry Holt on the field. Unfortunately, due to his injury in the first preseason game, that may be something we will never know.

The NFL football betting lines makers have the Patriots as 10 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl this season. Those odds take a hit without Torry Holt in there, but there is just too much experience on offense to count the Pats out, and head coach Bill Belichick gives them an advantage as well.

The reason the Rams beat the Browns in the last preseason game was the play of quarterback A.J. Feeley. Because of his thumb injury, Feeley will probably not play in this game. With the offensive line playing the way it is, it is doubtful that Bradford will be on his feet long enough to be effective. It is also doubtful that running back Steven Jackson will be able to carry too many footballs into the endzone.

The Patriot machine just keeps rolling along. Belichick will give his guys the looks he needs to determine his starters, but he will also be coaching to get the most out of his players. Getting the most out of the Patriots players is always bad news for the opposition. Especially when that opposition is playing the way the Rams are playing.

Pick: New England Patriots 21-10

NFL BettingThe Miami Dolphins are finally going to play a team that is not from Florida. After sweeping the battles for Florida by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars in their first two preseason games, the Dolphins are catching the eye of the betting world. The most curious thing about the Dolphins is the way they are playing their quarterbacks.

Quarterback Chad Pennington did not play in the first preseason game against the Buccaneers, but he came into the game against the Jaguars and threw a touchdown pass. Starting quarterback Chad Henne looked potent in the Jacksonville game as he went 11 for 14 with 151 yards and two touchdowns. NFL betting experts were also happy to see quarterback Tyler Thigpen get in the game against Jacksonville and throw for 76 more yards.

All of the Dolphin quarterbacks seem to thrive in head coach Tony Sporano’s offense. In a move that resembles a college football betting gimmick, it is entirely possible that the Dolphins will utilize all three of their quarterbacks all season long. Let us also not forget the time that running back Ronnie Brown spends under center in the wildcat. It may all seem like a bad movie to defensive coordinators around the league, but it is also incredibly difficult to defend.

The Falcons are still trying to find their defense in this preseason. Quarterback Matt Ryan is getting limited action, but he looks good when he is in. Aside from veterans John Abraham and Erik Coleman, the Falcons are getting some inconsistent play on defense. Young defensive players like Kroy Biermann and Trey Lewis look good, but the Patriots put almost 130 rushing yards on the Falcons. The Falcons need to tighten up on the defensive line.

It is important to remember that the NFL football betting lines have the Falcons at 30 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl, so there is not much expected from Atlanta. However, the Falcons will give the Saints a run for their money in the NFC South and challenge for a playoff spot all season long.

Miami just remains an enigma to the rest of the league. On defense they are pretty solid. They can stop the run, and they have some pretty good defensive backs. But what remains the best defense in Miami is their offense. Because the Miami offense has so many different looks, they manage to keep the ball for long periods of time in every game they play. In their games against the Jaguars and the Buccaneers, the Dolphins had the ball for nearly 34 minutes. If the other team’s offense is not on the field, they cannot score.

The Falcons will get their team figured out in time for opening day, and they will challenge for the division title. The Dolphins have the Jets and the Patriots to compete with for the AFC East title, so it may be a case of the Dolphins challenging for a wild card. But in this game, the Dolphins may be able to play “keep away” long enough to send the Falcons home disappointed.

Pick; Miami Dolphins 24-13

Oakland Raiders Won their Second Game in the NFL Betting Preseason

NFL BettingThe Oakland Raiders won their second game in the preseason of the NFL betting by defeating the Chicago Bears 32-17 in the second week of displays in games.

The Bears' star linebacker, Brian Urlacher, who could only participate in the first game of the 2009 season after fracturing a wrist, an injured left calf in the first offensive opponent and did not return to the game.

The new Raiders quarterback, Jason Campbell, and the Bears' starter, Jay Cutler, played the first half of the betting game at Solider Field.

Campbell was 10 of 20 completions for 170 yards, one interception and one touchdown in a sprint.

Cutler completed 7 of 15 for 99 yards with a touchdown pass to Johnny Knox 22 yards but was sacked five times, four by linebacker Kamerion Wimbley.

Slade Norris reserve linebacker recovered a blocked punt by the Bears in the local zone and then another attempt blocked punt for a safety.

Oakland improved its NFL preseason betting record to 2-0 and Chicago fell to 0-2.

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NFL OddsThe Dallas Cowboys rallied in the fourth quarter for a 16-14 victory over the San Diego Chargers in the second week of the NFL betting preseason.

The most spectacular play of the game was the prosecution of nearly 70 yards from Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, on the profound Barry Church, the Cowboys, who had recovered a fumble. The quarterback who signed for $ 93 billion in the NFL betting offseason prevented a touchdown.

However, the Cowboys scored three plays later to tie the game and ended up winning thanks to a safety made by Victor Butler, who tackles in the end zone to rookie quarterback Jonathan Crompton, who fumbled.

The ball rolled into the end zone and was recovered by rookie left tackle Ryan Otterson San Diego at 3:46 in the final two points that were the difference for Dallas at 3:46 of the final.

The Chargers (1-1) lost two fumbles in their first four offensive series.

The starting offense for the Cowboys (2-1) managed only 49 total yards.

Tony Romo completed 4 of 11 passes for 30 yards with one touchdown and one interception to register a rating of just 37.3 points.

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MLB Game Preview for August 19, 2010: Detroit Tigers @ New York Yankees

Baseball OddsThe online sports betting surrounding the New York Yankees bid to defend their World Series title is getting interesting. At one point in time, the Yankees had a comfortable lead over their season-long nemesis the Tampa Bay Rays. But as NFL betting and NCAA football betting seasons approach, the Yankees find themselves falling apart and tangled in a dogfight with the Rays.

Right now the Rays and the Yankees have identical 73-46 records. The Yankees probably felt that the best record in baseball was enough to secure the AL East pennant, but they never counted on the Rays matching them game for game. The other problem for the Yankees is that the Rays are on a four-game winning streak and show no signs of letting up.

The Detroit Tigers were a factor in the AL Central most of the season, but in recent weeks the team has fallen off of the divisional pace. The Tigers are 11 games out of first place in the AL Central and they are 15 games out of the AL wild card race as well. The problem for the Tigers all season long was their inability to win on the road as they have racked up a 20-37 road record.

Because the Tigers were a factor in the MLB betting much of the season, it is assumed that the team will spend the rest of this season trying to find out which players can help them win the AL Central pennant next season. There is a lot of good, young talent on the Tigers, but they need to find that mix of veterans and young players that will help them win next year.

The Yankees will put their starting pitching ace Paul Hughes on the mound for this game. There is still some concern over Hughes and his control as the Yankees head towards the playoffs. While Hughes did manage to get his 14th win of the season in his last start against the Kansas City Royals, he gave up nine hits and three runs in the process. In the playoffs, that kind of performance will not be enough to win. Hughes’ ERA is 3.94, and it keeps climbing. The Yankees need Hughes to get straightened out before the playoffs begin.

Detroit will put Rick Porcello on the mound and Porcello’s problems are typical of the problems the entire Tigers’s starting rotation has been having. He has a 5-10 record with a 5.53 ERA, which makes it hard to believe that he started the season so strong. At this point, the Tigers are trying to map out their starting rotation for next season and games like this will help Detroit to see if Porcello should be a part of it.

The Yankees need every win they can get for the rest of the season. Alex Rodriguez is still nursing injuries that are hampering his hitting, and the Yankee bullpen has not been as reliable as it has been in years past. If the Yankees cannot start turning their play around soon, then they will be unable to defend their World Series title.

Pick: New York Yankees 5-1

Baseball BettingNCAA football betting players know all about teams trying to get through the season without injuries, but it rarely happens. In the majors, Boston has been destroyed by injuries all season, but they’re still in the thick of things when it comes to the wild-card race in the American League. On Thursday, they’ll wrap up a three-game set with the Angels at home.

Angels Red Sox Betting – Thursday, August 19, 7:10 PM ET

Ervin Santana (12-8, 3.99) has won four of his last five starts, and he put in a good shift in a 7-2 win at home over Toronto in his last outing, scattering a run on three hits over seven strong innings, but he struggled with his command a bit, walking four along with four strikeouts. NFL betting players would compare this to a quarterback who mixed touchdowns with picks during a game, but overall, Santana did what he needed to do. Santana earned a no-decision against the Red Sox back in May, and he’s now 1-2 in seven career starts against them with a 4.61 ERA. The 27-year-old righthander is also 0-2 at Fenway Park with an ERA of 5.08 ERA in five starts.

Josh Beckett (3-2, 6.51) has been hit hard in his last couple of starts, giving up 13 runs in his last 9.2 innings of work. He took a no-decision in a 10-9 loss at Texas, allowing seven runs on 11 hits over five innings, striking out four and walking one. The Rangers also went deep off Beckett three times, and he hasn’t been able to establish his fastball, which leaves him in deep trouble against a power team like Texas. Beckett beat the Angels in Los Angeles last month, taking his career record against them to 3-3 in nine starts with a 4.10 ERA.

MLB betting odds should have the Red Sox favored at home, as they had won eight of their last 10 at Fenway Park against the Angels heading into Wednesday’s game. But the Red Sox have now lost Mike Cameron for the year, and Jacoby Ellsbury is probably gone for the rest of the season as well, which is par for the course in Boston in 2010. The Red Sox have a ton of championship experience, but all of these injuries may be too much for them to make the playoffs. On top of that, Beckett looks nowhere near the guy who has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last 5-7 years. Look for the Angels to tee off on Beckett, who may be best to shut down for the year while he works on some things for next year.

Online sports betting pick: Los Angeles Angels

NFL BettingSome pretty important sports betting news came out of the first New England Patriots preseason game last week against the New Orleans Saints. The Patriots were looking forward to wide receivers Torry Holt and Randy Moss giving quarterback Tom Brady the passing attack needed to push the Patriots to the Super Bowl. The New England passing game, and the Patriots Super Bowl hopes, took a huge hit last week as Torry Holt is out for the season with a knee injury.

The severity of the injury on the NFL betting world is obvious, but the potential effect of the injury on Holt’s career has not been as widely publicized. This knee injury could end Holt’s career at the age of only 34. Holt and the Patriots will know more about the wide receiver’s progress after he starts rehabilitation on his surgically repaired knee. Until then, the Patriots need another receiver in their passing game.

The Patriots are not well-known for betting on college football players to step up in key spots, but now that Terrell Owens has found a home the Pats may have to give third-round pick wide receiver Taylor Price a closer look. Price ran a 4.41 40-yard dash and showed a vertical leap of 37 inches in the combine. He has the skills, he just does not have the experience

The Atlanta Falcons were handed a lot of nice surprises in their opening preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rookie quarterback John Parker Wilson threw for 80 yards on eight completions in his limited playing time in the third quarter. Corner back Shann Schillinger, a sixth-round pick out of Montana, returned an interception for a touchdown that sealed the game for the Falcons. The Falcons first-team starters also looked excellent in a 20-10 preseason win over the Chiefs.

Preseason games rarely have an effect on the Super Bowl odds for any team, but the Holt injury will lower the odds that the Patriots will win Super Bowl XLV this season. The continued good play of the Falcon’s draft picks, especially on defense, can help the Falcons’ odds for winning the Super Bowl this season.

In this game the Patriots will be taking a long look at their rookie receivers. A lot of mistakes will be made by nervous rookies that know the spotlight is on them. Randy Moss will be on an island again, and it will be difficult to get the ball to him with these hungry rookie defensive backs of Atlanta looking to make the team.

As preseason games go, this one is incredibly important for the Patriots. If they cannot find a replacement for Holt already on their roster, then they will need to go to the free agent market to get one. Now a team may finally be disappointed that Terrell Owens is no longer available on the open market. The other receivers available right now are not up to the quality of a Torry Holt, and that will hurt the Patriots this season.

Gambling Advisor Pick: Atlanta Falcons 21-3

NFL OddsWhen you bet on sports, you definitely take home-field advantage into account. In college football betting the home-field advantage can mean 100,000 screaming fans that want your team to win. It can be quite a boost for the home team. With NFL betting home field advantage is also important, but the Buffalo Bills have sold one of their home games each season to the city of Toronto. In the preseason it may not mean much, but when the Bills face-off against the Bears in the regular season in Toronto it could make all of the difference in the world.

In their first preseason outing, the Buffalo Bills looked as horrible as the football betting world expected them to look. The Bills have no quarterback, a horrible offensive line, a weak defensive line and a corps of terrible defensive backs. If this were a regular season game then the odds against the Bills would be in the very high double digits.

The Bills did not solve any issues in their first preseason game. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick got most of the starting action and looked awful against the Redskins. Rookie running back CJ Spiller found out what it was like to run behind an offensive line that cannot block, and he was neutralized by the Redskins defense. All in all, the Chan Gailey-run Buffalo Bills looked as bad as any version of the team from the past 11 years.

The Indianapolis Colts need a little fine-tuning before they can make their Super Bowl run this year. The team looked great in their first preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers; that is until Peyton Manning came out of the game. It became obvious how much of a driving force Manning is in the Colts’ run this season when he came out of the game and the offense and defense fell apart. The Colts had some of their defensive starters in the game throughout the entire first half, and in the second quarter the 49ers scored 20 points.

While it is just preseason, the inability of the second and third strings to perform on offense or defense for the Colts has to be a concern for the coaching staff and Peyton Manning. The 49ers are a better football team this year than last year, but the beating they put to the Colts should be disturbing to Colts fans.

The Colts will get just the medicine they need to repair their broken football team; the Buffalo Bills. Whatever confidence the second and third string teams need they will find against the Bills. The wide receiver patterns that may not have been as precise as Manning would have liked to see can be repaired against the Bills secondary.

As for the Bills, this preseason is quite a test for this team. First the Bills had to line up against the Washington Redskins, and now the Indianapolis Colts. The Bills are just not up to this task. The Colts second string offense will dismantle the Bills first string defense, and the Bills fans will need to endure yet another game that shows how far the team is from having a real starting quarterback.

BSNblog Pick: Indianapolis Colts 35-14

Baseball Betting – Division Rivals Clash In the Windy City

Baseball PicksThose who bet on college football are usually waiting for rivalry week to see their team play their big rivals, but in baseball, your rival is usually the closest team to you in the standings, and the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins are annually battling for the American League Central crown. The two will wrap up a three-game set in Chicago on Thursday.

Twins White Sox Betting – Thursday, August 12, 8:10 PM ET

Francisco Liriano (10-7, 3.33) had a four-start winning streak ended by a no-decision in a 7-6 loss at Cleveland, and he was all over the place, allowing four runs on seven hits over 4.2 innings, along with six strikeouts and six walks. Liriano was said to have a bit of a dead arm after that game (those betting NFL odds will hear that a quarterback has a dead arm sometimes as well), and this start will come after an extra day of rest. The 26-year-old finally earned his first career win in his second start of the season against the White Sox, but he’s now only 1-3 in eight games (five starts) against them with a 5.82 ERA.

Gavin Floyd (8-8, 3.49) is 6-1 in his last 10 starts, and he picked up another win in a 4-2 victory in Baltimore, scattering two runs on six hits over seven innings, striking out five and walking three. Floyd also gave up his first home run since June 2nd, a span of 13 starts, but we think the White Sox will happily take a one-homer-in-every-13th-start average. Floyd was on the losing end of Liriano’s first win over the White Sox last month, and he’s now 4-5 in 10 career outings against the Twins with an ERA of 4.04.

The White Sox should be favored at home by MLB betting odds, as Liriano is an average 4-4 in 11 road starts with a 4.57 ERA, while Floyd is 5-2 in 12 home starts with a 3.45 ERA this season. Floyd is hitting his stride for the White Sox, who would probably be well in the lead in the Central if they were only a bit more consistent. Heading into Wednesday’s meeting between the two, the Twins had taken over the division lead with a three-game winning streak, while the White Sox had dropped three in a row, and a sweep in this series would be awful for their moral. We’re going to go with the White Sox and Floyd, who has pitched as well as anyone in the majors over the last month or two. He knows how important this game is to the White Sox’s playoff chances, so look for a dominant performance on Thursday.

BSNblog pick: Chicago White Sox

MLB OddsNFL betting players know all about the stress of a playoff race, and a pair of teams who had high expectations coming into the 2010 campaign but are in danger of missing the postseason will wrap up a three-game set in Philadelphia on Thursday as the Phillies host the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dodgers Phillies Betting – Thursday, August 12, 7:05 PM ET

College football betting players love to watch guys come along, and Clayton Kershaw (10-7, 3.19) is going to be a brilliant player to watch as his career progresses. But Kershaw ran into some problems in a 6-3 loss at home to Washington, allowing six runs on seven hits over six innings, striking out nine and walking two. Kershaw is now fifth in the National League in both strikeouts and walks, and once he learns how to harness his stuff, he could end up being a Cy Young candidate. The 22-year-old hasn’t fared that well against the Phillies in his career, going 0-3 in four starts with a 6.64 ERA, and he’s 0-2 at Citizens Bank Park with a 10.00 ERA.

Joe Blanton (4-6, 5.65) will be on the mound for the Phillies, and he was unfortunate to earn his sixth no-decision in his last 10 starts in a 7-5 win over the Mets, scattering a pair of runs on seven hits over seven innings with four strikeouts and no walks. Blanton has now given up three runs or less in seven of his last 10 starts, and he knows he’s going to have to pitch better to be a part of the Phillies’ postseason rotation, providing they make it that far. Blanton has faced the Dodgers four times in his career, posting a 1-0 mark with an ERA of 2.88.

MLB betting odds should have the Phillies as a favorite at home, even though the Dodgers took the first game of this series in a 15-9 shootout on Tuesday night. Kershaw is 4-4 in 10 starts on the road, posting a 3.02 ERA, while Blanton is 3-2 in nine starts at home with a 4.76 ERA. It’s very tempting to pick Kershaw and the Dodgers, but the kid is coming off a tough outing, and he seems to be the next version of the Yankees’ A.J. Burnett: great stuff when he can keep it under control, but when he doesn’t, it tends to get ugly, and quickly. Meanwhile, the veteran Blanton has been more consistent and as we said earlier, he’s been unlucky to take some no-decisions in some of his past efforts as he’s actually pitched well over the last couple of months. We’re going with the consistency of the Phillies here.

Gambling Advisor pick: Philadelphia

Soccer BettingAs the English Premier League betting season begins again, many are placing bets on various outcomes, including the results of individual games, scorers and end of season league positions. But it doesn’t end there; there are loads of ways to bet on the league, including fantasy league teams and even betting on how long managers will last.

The ‘next manager to get the sack’ bet is becoming a popular one, particularly with fans who are eager to get rid of an unfavourable manager. It was recently announced that Martin O’Neil will be leaving Aston Villa just 5 days before the beginning of the 2010 season. Judging by O’Neil’s success at the club, achieving a top 5 position last season as well as appearing in the Carling Cup final, this was not due to fans or management being unhappy with him, merely that he was unhappy with the amount of money made available to him for transfers. Regardless, there’s bound to be a few shrewd gamblers out there who correctly predicted O’Neil’s departure, and those shrewd betters will be the ones picking up the big payouts.

Now the betting begins on who will replace O’Neil, with varying odds being placed on more than 20 different potential managers. Bob Bradley and ex-England coach Sven Goran Eriksson are hot favourites for the job.

Bookies will accept all kinds of bets these days, and predicting that England captain Rio Ferdinand would be out of the South Africa World Cup due to injury would produce a pleasing payout indeed. English fans are optimists, so betting on their quick departure from the tournament would have been an unpopular but incredibly frugal bet.

Fantasy Football leagues have been a growing trend in recent years, where players can bet on the performance of individual players rather than the result of a game or an end-of-season placing. The scores are based on statistics and bets can be placed on the individual fantasy points of each player, which would be based on scoring, passing, set pieces, injuries and even fouls.

There are much more interesting ways to bet on football than simple over/under bets or bets on the score line and who scores first. There is now a plethora of different ways to bet on the premier league, including on the professional careers of the managers themselves! You could even negotiate bets on attendance at a stadium or other types of variables.

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Betting On NFL – Panthers, Ravens Being 2010 Preseason Slate

NFL PredictionsThose betting on NFL odds for preseason games usually have their hands full, especially the early games which are glorified practices. However, it’s a great way to see how deep teams are, and we’ll take a look at Carolina and Baltimore, who face off on Thursday night.

Panthers Ravens Betting – Thursday, August 12, 8:00 PM ET

The Panthers tried to get some help for receiver Steve Smith, who broke his arm in the offseason and will definitely miss the game, and possibly the regular-season opener. They drafted Brandon LaFell and Armanti Edwards (who used to be a quarterback) to add some depth to that position, but the rookie everyone is waiting to see is Jimmy Clausen, who figures to challenge Matt Moore for the starting job. NCAA football betting players will remember Clausen from Notre Dame, and while he made some bad decisions on and off the field, he has a cannon for an arm. Carolina’s defense was solid last season, but they moved Jon Beason to the weakside and put Dan O’Connor in the middle. Beason averaged 140 tackles over the last three years in the middle, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he takes to it.

The Ravens also picked up some receiving help for pivot Joe Flacco, acquiring Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth to go with Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton. The Ravens also got Marc Bulger as backup for Flacco, and Troy Smith is still in town. The Ravens are stocked in the backfield, but Jalen Parmele is trying to elbow his way into the rotation. Defensively, the Ravens weren’t as intimidating as past seasons, and an injured Ed Reed had a lot to do with that. Reed is one of the top ball-hawking safeties in league history, and his work on the back end allowed the Ravens’ front seven to go after the backfield (losing Rex Ryan as their coordinator also hurt the Ravens). However, they’re aging a bit at linebacker, although Ray Lewis is still a beast, so that will be their main concern on Thursday.

NFL football betting lines have the Ravens as a 3-point favorite at home, and we’re giving them the nod to come away with the win on Thursday for a couple of reasons. One, the Panthers are very, very young on offense and are still learning their way around the league, while the Ravens picked up veterans, which will help their young players. Not having Smith around to physically tutor the young Carolina receivers really hurts the Panthers, especially in the preseason. Baltimore was very disappointed with their performance last year, particularly on defense, so look for them to get after the Panthers here.

NFL betting pick: Baltimore

NFL OddsIf you’re looking at Super Bowl betting odds for the upcoming season, you’re likely to find New Orleans and New England near the top of the list of favorites. The two will get together in New England on Thursday night in preseason action.

Saints Patriots Betting – Thursday, August 12, 7:30 PM ET

The Saints rolled to the Super Bowl on the strength of Drew Brees and the best offense in the league, although we won’t see many of the main targets for very long in this game. Pat Ramsey, Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield will handle most of the quarterback duties for the Saints in this game, but their big questions to answer before they begin their quest to repeat in the Super Bowl come on defense. If it wasn’t for their 39 takeaways, the Saints’ defense would have been a mess. The secondary is pretty deep, but they can’t afford to give up big plays through the air like they did last year.

The Patriots will also only play the likes of Tom Brady, Randy Moss and company for a series or two, but the big news coming out of New England is that Wes Welker should be able to start the season after recovering from a knee injury. The offense sputtered in the playoffs when Welker went down, and Brady will be happier than anyone to have him back. But in this game, you should get to see Brian Hoyer and rookie Zac Robinson battle for the right to be Brady’s backup, and the Patriots have no shortage of running backs. College football betting players will recognize tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez from the NCAA, and along with Alge Crumpler, the Patriots are stocked at that position.

NFL betting odds have the Patriots as a 1-point favorite at home, and the Saints have dropped their last two regular-season trips to New England. There may be a measure of revenge in this for the Patriots, who were whipped 38-17 in New Orleans on Monday Night Football last season, and no one really took the Saints seriously as a Super Bowl contender until that game. The Patriots don’t want anyone to make a name off of beating them, so the veterans are going to be in the ear of players still trying to fight for a spot on the team. The Patriots have a bit more depth on both sides of the ball, and we also think the Patriots will be able to move the ball better than New Orleans because they have better backup quarterbacks, a load of running backs and a few receivers.

NFL betting pick: New England -1

MLB Game Betting Preview: San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves

MLB PicksEvery pennant race in the NL is becoming a betting enthusiast’s nightmare. What used to be a sure thing with the Atlanta Braves in the NL East has dwindled to a two game lead over the surging Philadelphia Phillies. The NL Central is a dogfight between the Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals, while the NL West race could potentially include every team in the division except the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It is safe to say that the NFL betting lines are not a primary concern in NL cities right now as everyone is fighting for a pennant. The San Francisco Giants are sneaking up on the San Diego Padres and putting up numbers that have the Padres worried. While some people in San Diego are thinking about betting on NCAA football, Padres fans have been watching the Giants win eight of their last 10, including a four game winning streak. The Giants just got done clobbering the third place Colorado Rockies, and now they set their sights on the NL East leading Braves.

The Braves have hit an ill-timed slide as of late. In their last 10 games they have lost six. The second-place Phillies have won eight of their last 10, and now the MLB betting world is starting to wonder if the experience of the Phillies will indeed overtake the youthful enthusiasm of the Atlanta Braves.

In this game the Giants send their ace Tim Lincecum to the mound. This season “The Freak” is 11-4 with a 3.10 ERA. But Lincecum has struggled by his standards lately. He has faltered so much that he is now visibly altering his pitching mechanics to try and re-gain the control he has lost. If ever this Cy Young winner could be considered vulnerable, this would be the time.

To counter Lincecum the Braves bring Jair Jurrjens to the mound. Jurrjens has a 3-4 record this season with a 4.62 ERA, but those statistics are deceiving. Jurrjens has spent a great deal of time injured this season, and he is just starting to re-gain his form. In his last six starts he has compiled a 3-1 record and has a 3.52 ERA in that stretch. He has his control back, and he is showing signs of being ready for the playoffs.

The Braves and the Giants have very similar hitting statistics. Both teams rely on their starting rotations and solid defense to win games. Neither team is a powerhouse at the plate, but they both know how to score runs. The difference in this game will be Lincecum. If he has re-gained his control then the Braves could be in for a long night. But if “The Freak” is still tinkering with the mechanics of his pitching on into the later innings of the game, then the Giants may find themselves losing a little more ground to the Padres in the chase for the NL West pennant.

BSNblog Pick: Atlanta Braves 3-1

Baseball PredictionsIt seemed like just a little while ago that the sports betting world had written off the Tampa Bay Rays as the team had fallen further off the pace in the AL East and into a second-place battle with the Boston Red Sox. But while some people have been focusing on NFL betting, the Rays have been on a streak that has put them right back on top in the AL East with the Yankees looking up.

In their last 10 games the Rays have won nine, and that includes a current three-game winning streak. They have climbed from being several games down to the Yankees in the standings to being a game up in the AL East. The Yankees recent three-game losing streak is not helping their cause, but the Rays have figured out how to capitalize on the Yankees’ misfortunes.

The battle for the AL Central pennant is as fierce as NCAA football betting in January. The Minnesota Twins are trailing the Chicago White Sox by a game and a half. Both the Twins and the White Sox are playing great baseball. The White Sox have won seven of their last 10, and the Twins have won eight of their last 10 games. Neither team is giving any ground, and this pennant battle looks to rage on right to the end of the season.

Every game is important to both of these teams, and the MLB betting world is watching a classic battle in both divisions to see who can take the pennants. In this critical game, the Twins are sending Kevin Slowey to the mound. Slowey has a respectable 10-5 record but a slightly inflated 4.44 ERA. He is one of the pitchers on the Twins’ starting rotation that has benefited from their active bats. In his last start Slowey pitched eight shut-out innings and gave up only three hits. If he can remain consistent, he can be a great asset to the Twins in the playoffs.

The Rays are putting Wade Davis on the mound for this game, and Davis has managed to turn around what could have been a disastrous season. His current record is 9-9, but he needed a recent run of 4-0 to get his record to .500. Davis’ 4.41 ERA is down significantly from earlier in the season, and he is definitely showing signs of a pitcher ready to compete in the playoffs.

The Rays are on an unbelievable roll lately, and the White Sox are still having problems winning on the road. The Sox have a 27-26 road record, and that may be a problem for them as the playoffs approach.

With the Yankees faltering down the stretch, and as big-name Yankee pitchers like Paul Hughes continue to struggle, the Rays need to keep the pressure on and keep winning. While the White Sox pose a significant threat to the Rays, they are not enough to stop the Rays’ current winning streak.

BSN Sports Pick: Tampa Bay Rays 5-2

NFL PredictionsWhen starting the training camp of the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was nervous about the reception that would give the fans in black and gold, but their concerns were dispelled from the first day.

Appearing in the camp "steelworker" on Saturday July 31 to 10 000 fans at Saint Vincent College, "Big Ben" heard several enthusiastic applause from fans, many wearing the jersey number 7. Roethlisberger entered the practice field to the wide receiver Hines Ward, who also was cheered.

The biggest ovation was for the receiver Antwaan Randle El, who returned to Pittsburgh element after four years with the Washington Redskins.

On Tuesday, Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said before the expiration of the first week of training camp, had never been in such good shape at quarterback, you have to serve a six-game suspension for his troubles -sporting.

"He (Roethlisberger) is in the best way for me has never seen," Arians said. "His arm is alive and has not been intercepts and very few incompletions, some they have been released. Perhaps the best I've seen of him so far. "

In this way, Roethlisberger is driving the concern of his trainers on distractions or concerns you might having generated the charge of sexual assault a college student from Georgia filed against him in March.

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Jose Bautista with New Baseball Betting Home Run Record

Jose Bautista, of Toronto, has accumulated 31 home runs so far this MLB betting season.

Since it debuted in the Grand Chapiteau, Bautista caught the attention of specialists for the power and precision of her shots, safety on defense and the ability to play the same in the infield to the outfield.

For example, in the 2009 campaign, patrolled the gardens at 70 and led the majors with 0.15 assists per nine innings. His 11 assists for Toronto were the largest number of the team and fourth in the betting American League.

"There are good right fielder, but not much better than Baptist," said Cito Gaston, manager of the Blue Jays.

This year, besides the glove and arm, Bautista brought the long stick.

Ranked second in RBIs, extra-base hits, on-base percentage, slugging and walks in the current campaign, also praised the provision Gaston Baptist to serve the team wherever needed. Born October 19, 1980, Bautista was signed by the Baltimore Orioles in the fifth round draft pick in 2004.

Five years later, in the war of 2009, the versatile player hit 13 homers Dominican, ten of which were in September, with 40 RBIs and 235 average in 113 games.

Without a head position in any team during its passing through the majors, Bautista received the coveted opportunity of the manager Gaston, sharp-eyed who predicted in spring training that his pupil could hit 25 or more homers.

"I've made adjustments in my swing to get ready quickly when hit," said Jose Bautista.

"I've worked hard on that with hitting coach (Dwayne Murphy) and the manager (Cito Gaston)," the leading slugger.

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NFL betting newsSt. Louis Rams signed the top pick in the NFL Draft, quarterback Sam Bradford, for six-year, $ 78 million.

Bradford labor agreement specifies that $ 50 million will be guaranteed payment for the former star of the Oklahoma Sooners.

An hour after signing on Saturday, July 31, Bradford reported to training camp.

"It's great," said Bradford at the end of the practice of physical conditioning that lasted an hour and a half. "This obviously made everything more comfortable knowing that some fans supported me. I think now everything is just easier. "

"If you start worrying about all those other things that are not football, it can affect your performance," said Bradford. "I have high expectations for myself and for the team and I think that is what is helping me succeed."

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