Premier League Betting is More Diverse than Ever

Soccer BettingAs the English Premier League betting season begins again, many are placing bets on various outcomes, including the results of individual games, scorers and end of season league positions. But it doesn’t end there; there are loads of ways to bet on the league, including fantasy league teams and even betting on how long managers will last.

The ‘next manager to get the sack’ bet is becoming a popular one, particularly with fans who are eager to get rid of an unfavourable manager. It was recently announced that Martin O’Neil will be leaving Aston Villa just 5 days before the beginning of the 2010 season. Judging by O’Neil’s success at the club, achieving a top 5 position last season as well as appearing in the Carling Cup final, this was not due to fans or management being unhappy with him, merely that he was unhappy with the amount of money made available to him for transfers. Regardless, there’s bound to be a few shrewd gamblers out there who correctly predicted O’Neil’s departure, and those shrewd betters will be the ones picking up the big payouts.

Now the betting begins on who will replace O’Neil, with varying odds being placed on more than 20 different potential managers. Bob Bradley and ex-England coach Sven Goran Eriksson are hot favourites for the job.

Bookies will accept all kinds of bets these days, and predicting that England captain Rio Ferdinand would be out of the South Africa World Cup due to injury would produce a pleasing payout indeed. English fans are optimists, so betting on their quick departure from the tournament would have been an unpopular but incredibly frugal bet.

Fantasy Football leagues have been a growing trend in recent years, where players can bet on the performance of individual players rather than the result of a game or an end-of-season placing. The scores are based on statistics and bets can be placed on the individual fantasy points of each player, which would be based on scoring, passing, set pieces, injuries and even fouls.

There are much more interesting ways to bet on football than simple over/under bets or bets on the score line and who scores first. There is now a plethora of different ways to bet on the premier league, including on the professional careers of the managers themselves! You could even negotiate bets on attendance at a stadium or other types of variables.

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