Sportsbook Odds: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills Picks

NFL PicksThe betting world was witness to something pretty special in the week four game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts. Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard was playing for his job, but he did not panic. He managed the game and was efficient in his decisions. He threw for 163 yards and two touchdowns. Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 105 yards and a touchdown.

The NFL betting experts also got to watch a team like the Jaguars beat a team like the Colts while making a hero out of Jacksonville kicker Josh Scobee. In the final play of the game, Scobee kicked a 59-yard field goal that gave the Jags their first win of the season and knocked the Colts to a mediocre record of 2-2.

The football betting in Buffalo has been pretty predictable this season. The Bills are 0-4, but it looks to be the result of their own bad planning . . . again. Trent Edwards started the season as the Bills quarterback. Last season Edwards showed no signs of being an NFL quarterback and was pulled halfway through the season for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills went 5-4 under Fitzpatrick. Despite that, the Bills started Edwards again in 2010. After two losses, Edwards was benched and then cut. Fitzpatrick is now the starter in Buffalo, but he missed out on the chance to work with the first team offense in training camp. With Fitzpatrick playing catch-up with the offense, the Bills have dropped to 0-4.

The NFL Northbet predictions surrounding this game have a lot to do with the Jacksonville defense and running game. The Bills have shown no ability all season long to stop any team’s running game, and Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew looks to have a field day against the Bills defense.

The Jacksonville defense shut down the Colts running game that included one of the best offensive lines in football and Super Bowl running back Joseph Addai. Addai was held to only 63 yards in week four against the Jaguars. The front seven of the Jacksonville defense offer a formidable challenge to the Bills running game. The Bills offensive line has not given any indication that they will be able to put up much of a fight against a defense like the Jaguars.

In Jacksonville there are a lot of people trying to hold on to their jobs. Quarterback David Garrard is looking over his shoulder every week at a growing list of replacement candidates. But his ability to manage the game against the Colts was impressive, and it has bought Garrard some time. Head coach Jack Del Rio can feel the heat every time his team steps on to the field. Being blunt about it, if Del Rio cannot get the Jaguars into the playoffs this season then he may find himself out of a job by season’s end.

The Buffalo Bills offer the perfect vehicle for Garrard and Del Rio to continue showing why they deserve to keep their jobs for at least one more season. As the Bills head to an 0-5 record, the bye week is starting to look very good..

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 37-10


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