Titans lost Young, Britt and the Game Against Chargers 33-25

NFL Odds and NewsThe San Diego Chargers won a valuable victory over the Tennessee Titans 33 to 25.

In what has become his style, San Diego fought against the Titans and his own mistakes in order to obtain a valuable result for Norv Turner and his men kept alive in their division but with the very high costs.

For Tennessee, the losses were significant because in addition to losing the division lead, then whoever wins between Houston and Indianapolis will take his place, Kenny Britt succumbed to a thigh injury and quarterback Vince Young, good performance with 235 yards and two touchdowns , left the game for what was reported as a knee injury.

The first score of the NFL betting game, according to the season for the Chargers, was a safety for the visitors after a blocked punt Mike Scifres. San Diego had to paddle upstream almost the entire first half but despite a goal by Chris Johnson, and Young's pass to Craig Stevens, the Chargers reached the half down only five.

In the third quarter achieved locals take the lead by five points thanks to a field goal and a reception by Antonio Gates, arguably the man of the match with 123 receiving yards and a touchdown.

But the ineffectiveness of the Chargers offensive series to close the opening the door would return to the Titans who found eight points down in the middle of the last four were approached by a huge 71-yard pass to Nate Washington Young, another major performance 117 yards and a touchdown, needing only two-point conversion to tie the game. The attempt, however, fail to San Diego giving breathing space.

The Chargers would benefit from the opportunity by getting a touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Darren Sproles. In another distressing and incomprehensible error premises failed extra point that would have the advantage of two runs giving an opportunity to the team of the AFC South.

Their return was cut short by the aforementioned Young injury in an attempt to career appeared to trip over the grass clutching his knee right away without having received any contact.

That was all for the match that kept the hopes of the Chargers (3-5) and left the Titans with many problems, few of which are related to the positions of their division. Must await the injury status of both players...


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