Magnificent Viking debut of Leslie Frazier Against the Redskins

NFL OddsGreat welcome from the Minnesota Vikings to Leslie Frazier in his debut as head coach at home, beating the Washington Redskins 17-13 in a tight marker.

The first blow was made by Redskins tight end Fred Davis as the quarterback of the red tribe sent a pass 10 yards for a touchdown.

But the Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre had a great performance in two key offensive that ended in scoring, hit 3 of 3 in the first possession, which resulted in a carry into the end zone from five yards of the graduate of Oklahoma Adrian Peterson, to bring the score tied at 7-7.

Peterson had to leave in the second quarter after an ankle injury, giving the opportunity to rookie Stanford running back Toby Gerhart (# 32).

Favre, 41, went 5-5 in their first offensive in the second half, culminating with a touchdown acarrero five yards of Gerhart, who finished the match with 22 runs for 76 yards (14-7).

Both NFL betting teams had two more field goals leaving the score 17-13.

In the last stretch of the meeting, on third and eight to move forward, just before the break of two minutes, "The General" ran to find the first down to run out the clock, and he succeeded to the noise of their peers.

Thus, at the National Conference, Washington is at 5-6 in the AL East while the Vikings broke a losing streak at nine games, less than a week after coach Brad Childress left the squad Minnesota and is in the North Division with 4-7.

Favre finished with 23 passes thrown, 15 completed for 172 yards, while McNabb was not the victory as a gift for his 34th birthday, on 25 November was a record full 35 pitches with 21 for 211 yards with one touchdown and a intecepciĆ³n.

In the game, note is the Vikings' defensive line, who managed to catch McNabb 4.

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