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The NFL football betting action in Minnesota has been dark and depressing this season. The offense entered the season with no real receivers for Brett Favre to throw to, and then the offensive line started allowing Brett Favre to get beat up. Running back Adrian Peterson had his usual great season, but he could not compete with the pass-happy Favre who was costing the Vikings games.

The Philadelphia Eagles thought they had a plan when the season started, but they did not seem really sold on it. The thought of Kevin Kolb being the full-time starting quarterback seemed like an interesting experiment, but the early NFL scores were not promising. Michael Vick stepped in and now the Eagles are NFC East champions and one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.


The online betting services had no clue what to expect from Michael Vick. He was a difference-maker with the Falcons, but the effects of prison on his mind and his game were unknown. Vick is turning out to be the best thing that has happened to the Eagles in a long time, and he is making everyone around him better. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson has stepped up and become a kick return threat as well as a 1,000 yard receiver. Running back LeSean McCoy gives team something else to worry about besides Vick when it comes to the running game.

The Vikings are in huge trouble on offense when it comes to this game. Even if quarterback Brett Favre passes his concussion tests, his shoulder is so tight that he cannot throw accurately beyond 15 yards. Promising back up Tavaris Jackson is out for the season, and running back Adrian Peterson is also out. The Vikings are struggling to determine if Brett Favre at around 60 percent gives them a better chance to win than a healthy Joe Webb. If they don’t go with Webb, then it makes you wonder why they drafted Webb in the first place.


This whole Michael Vick thing is contagious on the Eagles team; even on defense. The Eagles defense is fast and dangerous. The linebackers are monitoring the middle of the field limiting what the opposing tight ends can do, and the front line is becoming adept at putting pressure on the opposing quarterback. Chasing Michael Vick around at practice every week has definitely made the Eagles a faster defense.

The Vikings defense is extremely inconsistent, especially on the front defensive line. Defensive lineman Jared Allen has nine sacks this season, which is way off his mark from last year. But the other three defensive line have a total of 7.5 sacks combined. The Vikings defense just cannot get to the quarterback this season, and that will be a huge problem in this game.

The Bottom Line:

The Vikings just want this season to end, and the Eagles cannot wait for the playoffs to begin. That should give you all you need to know about each team going into this game.

BSNblog Pick: Philadelphia Eagles


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