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This will go down in NFL history as Peyton Manning’s worst season ever. It is convenient to blame his problems on the loss of tight end Dallas Clark or wide receiver Austin Collie, but the problem with the Colts is Manning and a beat up Indianapolis defense. The defense could not hold against the Dallas Cowboys in week 13 and that, along with a few Manning interceptions for touchdowns, is what cost the Colts the game. Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne are still out there for the Colts. Peyton Manning needs to look in the mirror to find the problems for the Colts.

The Titans are caught up in the annual drama created by quarterback Vince Young. Backup quarterback Kerry Collins isn’t getting any younger, and if Young is not the quarterback of the future then the Titans need go find their franchise QB. Luckily for Tennessee, Kerry Collins still has some play left in him. But Young has thrown the team so out of whack that they took a promising season and are on the verge of flushing it all away.


The NFL predictions for the Indianapolis Colts were for the NFL scores to have the Colts as the best team in football leading into the Super Bowl. As the NFL betting experts know, the Colts aren’t even the clear-cut best team in their own division, much less the rest of the league. The problem is Peyton Manning and his interceptions. These are not just any kind of interceptions; these are pick 6 interceptions that get returned for touchdowns. To make things worse, with or without running back Joseph Addai the Colts have no running game. The offensive line is a patchwork of guys that have never played together before, and the results on the field are showing that.

The Titans running back Chris Johnson has slowed a little, but only because he is mired in an indecisive offense. Johnson has 1,026 yards and nine touchdowns this season, which is excellent by any standards. He will not reach the 2,000 yard mark again, but expecting him to do that consistently is unreasonable. The Titans have fallen from first to last in the AFC South because of their inconsistent offense. They have no solid presence at quarterback, and Vince Young’s instability cost the team more than one game this season.


Tennessee has a defense that bends but will not break. The Titans defense is ranked 24th overall but they are eighth best in the league at opposition points allowed. The problem is that, eventually, Peyton Manning will remember how to play quarterback again. When he does, the bend but don’t break policy of the Titans defense will be a problem.

The Colts are going to start getting key defensive players back starting with this game. Dwight Freeney should play and Bob Sanders may come back. Linebacker Gary Brackett is expected to play as well. With some of their key defensive personnel coming back, the Colts should be able to put up a fight against a shaky Tennessee offense.

The Bottom Line:

The Colts really need this game, and so do the Titans. But the Colts have it in them to improve and rise to this challenge where the Titans do not. If Peyton Manning can stop throwing interceptions, then the Colts should win this game.

BSN Sports Pick: Indianapolis Colts


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