NFL Odds Preview: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts (-2.5)

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The NFL football betting community has come to the conclusion that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is never going to learn when it comes to arrogant talking before a game. Someone on his own team, or anyone in the online football betting world, should have reminded Ryan that it was the Buffalo Bills his team beat in week 17. Beating the Buffalo Bills does not mean that the betting services of the world are ready to proclaim the Jets the best team in the playoffs, regardless of what Ryan says.

The Indianapolis Colts are keeping a much lower profile after their week 17 win over the Tennessee Titans. The Colts secured the third seed in the AFC after beating the Titans, and that is what earned them the right play mighty mouth Rex Ryan and the New York Jets in Indianapolis. The Colts are on a roll, and they are playing well on both sides of the ball. The biggest improvement for the Colts is the play of quarterback Peyton Manning. Indianapolis is in a good spot thanks to the play of their future hall of fame quarterback.


The Jets enter the playoffs with the most questions at quarterback. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez played one series in the week 17 win over the Bills, and never threw a single pass. Rex Ryan has been coddling Sanchez for two seasons, and now Ryan expects Sanchez to just walk out on the field in this game and start throwing the ball with precision. Sanchez is making mistakes when he throws the ball, and it would not be a surprise to see veteran Mark Brunell under center before this game is over. Brunell played extremely well against the Bills, and his passes looked strong and accurate. But Ryan has expressed faith in Sanchez all season long, even if Ryan won’t let his quarterback throw the ball.

The Colts offense started to show the glimmer of a running game against the Titans. Running back Joseph Addai is healthy and had he, along with the return of running back Dominic Rhodes, put 92 rushing yards up against a stiff Tennessee defense. The only problem is that the Jets defense is far more punishing against the run, and that means the Colts will have to rely on their passing game. When a team’s passing game is quarterbacked by Peyton Manning, then relying on it is not such a bad thing.


When the Colts won Super Bowl XLI, their defense looked weak going into the playoffs. When the playoffs arrived, the Colts defense suddenly turned up and took the team all the way to the title. With players like linebacker Gary Brackett, defensive lineman Dwight Freeney and defensive lineman Robert Mathis; the Colts have the personnel to do the same kind of quick change on defense again this year. The Colts run defense was stout against the Titans but the pass defense looked like it was having problems against the long ball. If the Colts can figure out their defense, they have an excellent chance to repeat as AFC Champions.

The Jets defense has been excellent up front but suspect in the secondary all season long. It would be thought that Peyton Manning may hesitate to throw into a defensive secondary that has cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Darelle Revis. But both corners have been beaten this season, and Manning may have to take chances anyways as the Jets front seven may be too much for the Colts to run against.

The Bottom Line:

The Jets are cocky but they are also 2-3 in their last five games. The Jets are not the best team in the AFC, and neither are the Colts. But the Colts have Peyton Manning, and now Manning has his chance to redeem himself for last year’s Super Bowl flop. Look for Manning to drive his team past the Jets in this game.

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