Super Bowl Props Betting

Super Bowl Odds to WinThe best online sportsbook enthusiasts know that sometimes the fun in Superbowl betting is the prop bets made on the side. There are many prop bets to choose from with the sportsbook promo experts, but here are some NFL predictions you can use to help you make a little extra money with your prop bets for this upcoming Super Bowl.

First Player To Score The First Touchdown

The top three players with the best odds for scoring the first touchdown in Super Bowl XLV are:

  1. Rashard Mendenhall - Steelers (+500)

  2. Mike Wallace – Steelers (+700)

  3. James Starks – Packers (+700)

Starks has been a key player in the Packers’ run to the Super Bowl, but even with 263 rushing yards in the Packers three games Starks only has one touchdown. He may score a touchdown in this game, but it will not be the first one.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is not going to come out throwing the ball a lot to start this game. He will need to adjust to the speed of the Packers defense, and the best way to do that is to hand the ball off. That eliminates wide receiver Mike Wallace as the first player to score a touchdown in this game. Because of the ability they have shown for long opening drives, the Steelers will probably score the first touchdown. It may be a keeper by Roethlisberger, but more than likely it will be a rushing touchdown by Rashard Mendenhall.

Super Bowl MVP

The odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl XLV MVP honors is Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (+150). The second in line is Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (+200). If you believe that the Packers will win this game, then it will be very difficult to bet against Aaron Rodgers as the MVP. Clay Matthews (+1500) is a long-shot to win MVP honors, but if a linebacker was ever going to be the Super Bowl MVP then it would be Matthews. But go with Rodgers on this one. By the time the game is over, Rodgers will have done more than enough to be considered the most valuable player in the game.

Ben Roethlisberger’s Passing Fate

One of the more interesting prop bets for Super Bowl XLV is whether Ben Roethlisberger will throw a TD pass first, or an interception. The odds are +160 that Roethlisberger will throw an interception before he throws a touchdown pass and -200 that he will throw a touchdown first.

Big Ben will air the ball out more in Super Bowl XLV than he has in any of the other two Pittsburgh playoff games, and that definitely opens up the flood gates for speculation. Roethlisberger is famous for making up pass plays as he goes along, and he is also bold enough to throw the ball in the direction of Charles Woodson early. Look for Ben to throw an interception first, and look for Woodson to be the one to pick it off.

There is a list of odds on what will happen with Ben’s first pass of the game. The odds are -220 that the first Roethlisberger pass will be complete, +170 that it will be incomplete and +1200 that it will be an interception. Roethlisberger knows how to win Super Bowls, so look for his first pass of the game to be a completion.


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