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The Chicago Blackhawks did what everyone expected them to do in game three of this series. They threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks. In the end, it was Luongo who slammed the door on the Blackhawks and brought Chicago sports fans one step closer to betting on MLB baseball. The NHL news the next morning included headlines that heralded Luongo’s amazing third period glove save that allowed the game to end 3-2 in favor of the Canucks. The Blackhawks kept on fighting, but they could not break through before time ran out.

The Vancouver Canucks, for their part, are playing very sound defensive hockey. It could be that one of the problems that the Canucks have had in the past is focusing too much on offense and leaving Roberto Luongo on his own in the defensive end. In this series everyone, including the Sedin twins, are coming back to play defense and keep the Blackhawks at bay. In game three, the Canucks only allowed a total of 16 shots on goal in the last two periods combined. The most telling stat is that the Canucks themselves also only generate 16 shots on goal in the last two periods. A balance between offense and defense with the Vancouver Canucks means problems for the rest of the Western Conference.

Chicago Blackhawks

It is time for the Chicago hockey fans to face the facts. When players like goaltender Antti Niemi and forward turned defenseman Dustin Byfuglein were let go from the team in a salary purge after winning the Cup last year, much of the competitive edge also left Chicago. The Blackhawks are taking the majority of their shots from the outside with no real presence in front of Luongo to tip the puck or cause the screen. Patrick Kane no longer has any one to blaze a trail for him, so he is forced to create his own opportunities. Kane is capable of it, but it takes away much of his scoring touch when he has to focus on grinding to the net. Corey Crawford is a fine goaltender, but he is young and inexperienced. He is not the reason that the Blackhawks are losing the series, but he is also not one of the factors that will help Chicago come back.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks managed to completely change their game from last year to this year, and now it is paying off. Everyone is coming back to play defense, and the Canucks are no longer trying to use those long zone-clearing passes that would inevitably come back the other way. Vancouver has replaced flash and flair with hard work and determination. That will prove to be a good move by the time these playoffs are over.

The Bottom Line

Chicago just does not have the fire power to come back in this series. There are no more role players to help pin the Canucks in their own end or crash the net and make things uncomfortable for Luongo. In this game, the Canucks will focus solely on staying one goal ahead of the Blackhawks and playing a very disciplined game. That sort of game plan will have both teams lining up to shake hands when this one is over.

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