Famous Celebrities Caught Up in Poker Lawsuit

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Andrew Sasson, the person behind the Light Group's Las Vegas nightlife empire, is with the celebrities being sued in a weird legal case involving declaration of illegal poker games.

Other popular names that surface in the FBI investigation included Tobey Maguire, Gabe Kaplan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, according to report by Star Magazine, Radar Online and TMZ, DiCaprio, Affleck and Damon are not being sued.

Lawsuit was filed against jailed enclose fund manager Brad Ruderman by unnamed trustees who are seeking the return of high-stakes winnings on the grounds the money was won illegally in Los Angeles.
Host of the poker games, Ruderman was convicted of operating a ponzi scheme that defrauded investor, who reportedly lost $25 million.

With Ruderman's company now in bankruptcy, the reports say trustees are looking for money to pay his victims and other creditors.
Baseball PredictionsWith all of the mixed emotions that will come with another season plagued by inconsistencies, the Toronto Blue Jays can take solace in the fact that there is hope for the future with such a talented young roster. The Blue Jays will get to take an up-close look at what can happen with an organization when they build internally and complete the puzzle with a few solid free agents, as they battle the defending AL champion Texas Rangers at home this MLB betting weekend.

Texas Rangers @ Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, 7:07 PM ET

The Blue Jays liked what they saw from Brett Cecil at Texas last week, and hope that they can get a similar effort this weekend as they open up the three-game set on Friday in front of their home fans at the Rogers Centre. The 25-year old Cecil went the distance and allowed just four hits while striking out seven to earn the complete-game shutout against one of the best offenses in baseball. Cecil will get the call against Alex Ogando for the Rangers, and although he wasn’t bad against Toronto last week there is definitely room for a stronger performance. The last time he lost a game Ogando lost three in a row, and Texas has been very streaky at times this MLB season.

MLB Betting Pick: Toronto Blue Jays

Texas Rangers @ Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, 1:07 PM ET

Brandon Morrow hasn’t been nearly as good as Cecil was in his last start since he got back from injury, and although he has shown flashes of what has made Toronto management believe that he is an integral part of the future, he needs to be much more consistent. Morrow didn’t start against Texas a week ago, but he did give up six earned runs on nine hits in just 3.1 innings of work against the Baltimore Orioles in his last start. The Rangers’ offense has looked good all year behind the 9-4 Derek Holland, and they should again as they look to even the sports betting bonus weekend series.

MLB Betting Pick: Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers @ Toronto Blue Jays

Sunday, 1:07 PM ET

The series finale will feature the aces for both sports betting teams, as Ricky Romero gets the call for the home side against CJ Wilson for Texas. Romero has been just okay this season as he has dealt with a ton of inconsistency, and the Blue Jays are looking for more from the man that they have pegged to lead them into the future from the rotation. Meanwhile, the Rangers have gotten exactly what they had expected out of Wilson who is 10-4, although he did get roughed up a little bit in his last start, allowing six earned runs in just 4.0 innings of work against the Minnesota Twins. Wilson has been the more consistent of the two all year, and he should get enough support from a powerful Texas offense to bounce back in the win column and earn the Rangers the series-clinching win.

MLB Betting Pick: Texas Rangers

Baseball OddsWith roughly two and a half months left in the sports betting MLB season, fans and experts alike are beginning to think of the best and worst possible World Series finals for the 2011 season. This year has been one of the more intriguing MLB betting seasons, as many teams that by all accounts should have been out of the playoff hunt by now remain intact. Today, we will be looking at the best and worst case scenarios for the 2011 MLB World Series.

According to the MLB standings, if the playoffs started today, the teams to make the post season would be Boston, Detroit, Texas and New York in the AL and Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco and Atlanta in the NL. However, for all intents and purposes, we are basing this article on how we believe the final standings will turn out.

In our scenario, Boston, Cleveland, Texas and New York are the AL playoff teams. Meanwhile, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Arizona are the NL playoff teams. Here are a couple of the best and worst scenarios for these eight teams.

Best Scenarios:

Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies – On paper, this World Series final is literally a baseball fans dream, as the two best teams in the entire MLB, get to find out who truly is the best. Boston’s incredible offense would go toe to toe with Philadelphia’s outstanding pitching staff.

New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – In a rematch of the 2001 World Series, New York and Arizona would put together a great series. Now, at first glance, many would believe that the Yankees should sweep Arizona. However, consider that Arizona has been one of the best teams in the NL this year, and fans have plenty to get excited about. Similar to the Red Sox vs. Phillies World Series, this would feature a hitting verses pitching match again.

Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants – For the second year in a row, the high powered Rangers would take on the flame throwing Giants. This time, we believe that Texas could win the World Series, as their pitching staff is more diversified than the 2010 World Series runners up team.

Worst Scenarios:

Cleveland Indians vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – In the world of sports, the resurgence of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates has been one of the most feel good stories ever. Yet, having said that, this World Series would be one of the worst from a viewership standpoint, since nobody but either team’s fans would watch. Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh have developed decent teams, but can they really make it this far?

Texas Rangers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Playing in two of the hottest States in America, the Ranger and Diamondbacks would be a bad series because the Rangers would obliterate the Diamondbacks.

Baseball OddsSports Betting Preview

It is easy for baseball betting fans to tell which teams are in a slump and which ones are playing well. Aside from looking at the records, all you have to do is watch the teams play. The Seattle Mariners made MLB baseball news by losing a franchise record 15th game in a row when they were beaten by the Boston Red Sox 12-8 over the weekend. The MLB scores should go your way when you have a future pitching ace on the mound, you score eight runs and someone on your team hits a grand slam. But even with the show of offensive power, the Mariners played like a team that was waiting to get beaten again. The Mariners could very well break their losing streak in Yankee Stadium, but it will be difficult in this opening game of the series.

The New York Yankees would be leading most other divisions in the majors with their 59-40 record. But they just happen to be chasing the second-best team in all of baseball in the Boston Red Sox. That means that if the Yankees want to remain a factor in the AL East pennant race, they will have to keep winning games. The Yankees have won six of their last 10 games, but that was not enough to close the gap on Boston. In reality, Boston picked up two games on the Yankees in that stretch. The Yankees will be looking to take three important games from the struggling Mariners.

Seattle Mariners

The AL schedule makers must have been in extremely bad moods when they put together the Mariners’ late-season schedule. The Mariners had a stint in Boston before swinging over to New York to play the Yankees. That is not the way for a team to try and combat jet lag. For this game, the Mariners send Doug Fister to the mound. Fister is 3-11 on the season but sporting an impressive 3.30 ERA. He has been a perpetual victim of the Mariners’ power outage at the plate. As an example, on July 2nd against the San Diego Padres, Fister went nine innings, gave up one earned run and lost the game.

New York Yankees

The Yankees will extend the Mariners’ losing streak to 16 games, and the reason for that will be New York starter C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia is 14-5 this season with a 2.62 ERA. He is 8-2 in his last 10 games, and lost his most recent start when he allowed two runs in eight innings against the Tampa Bay Rays. Needless to say, C.C. Sabathia did not like having his seven-game winning streak broken. The Yankees’ ace is making a statement for off-season contract negotiations as there are still rumors that he could opt-out for next year. With the way Sabathia is pitching compared to the rest of the Yankees’ staff, New York will open the vaults to keep Sabathia around.

The Bottom Line

The Seattle Mariners are not beating C.C. Sabathia.

BSNblog Pick: New York Yankees

MLB PicksThe Chicago White Sox have been one of the bigger surprises in baseball again this season, and once again it is for all of the wrong reasons. The team that was picked to be among the best in baseball this season has struggled and is looking up at two teams in the American League Central alone. One of the teams that the White Sox are looking up at is the Detroit Tigers, which makes the three-game sports betting set between these two teams that much more important.

Detroit Tigers @ Chicago White Sox

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 – 8:10 PM ET

US Cellular Field, Chicago, Illinois

MLB Betting Pick: Detroit Tigers – 110

The White Sox cannot afford to slide any further out of contention, while Detroit will look to this series as an opportunity to gain some ground on both Chicago and the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. The Tigers haven’t been great on the road this season, but neither has the White Sox at home.

MLB Betting Preview: Detroit Tigers

The Tigers cannot perform at a .500 level on the road and make a World Series run, so whether or not they hold on to first place the focus for the remainder of the season should be on performing regardless of where they play. Detroit will have a strong shot to get the win on Tuesday with their ace Justin Verlander on the mound, as he won’t ask the offense to do too much to help him. Verlander is 13-5 with a 2.24 ERA, and he has allowed more than one earned run just once through his past nine MLB starts. Jhonny Peralta has been a pleasant surprise with his .322 average, and he is surrounded by a ton of offensive talent.

MLB Betting Preview: Chicago White Sox

The White Sox record at home is simply inexcusable, as is the play of hitters such as Adam Dunn, who symbolize all that is wrong with the team so far this season. Dunn will need to do something to help Chicago get to Verlander, while the pressure will be on veteran Jake Peavy, who has also struggled mightily this season. Peavy is 4-4 on the year but his inflated 5.19 ERA is the worst of his career, and he could be in trouble against one of the most powerful offenses in the majors.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

The Tigers have too much firepower for the White Sox to compete with as long as Peavy is on the mound, and considering how good Verlander has been it doesn’t look like Chicago’s chances at home are very good once again. Detroit is alone out front in the AL Central, but not by much, and will need this win to push the White Sox even further away while keeping some distance between them and the Cleveland Indians in the race for the sports betting bonus division title.

Gambling Advisor blog Pick: Detroit Tigers - 110

Denial of Tobey Maguire about Underground Poker Group Rumor

 Tobey Maguire has been subject to intense media scrutiny this month after details emerged of an exclusive celebrity underground poker group. The latest reports have recommended that some leading actors have been assembling at the star’s luxury home where they are engaged in all night poker tournaments featuring large quantity of cash. Accusations of scam and cheating have also been making headlines despite Maguire’s best efforts to nullify the rumors for good. The games in question, which always took place every Tuesday evening during among the years 2005 and 2007, witnessed the meeting of several 8 or 9 exclusive guests willing to play “serious” poker fit into the night. The most current revelations have exposed just how high the stakes could be. Although there was no official buy-in, hands are rumored to have soared to heights of $150,000 a pot with ill-fated participants regularly losing sums of $500,000 in a single session. Tempers were also at an all time high with high-pitched matches and substantial match suitable to an attach characteristic of the gatherings. The circle was accompanied by a firm set of rules. Those who failed to pay up were excluded from the club from good – making Maguire’s circle one of the most elite groups in the world.

Many suggested that Maguire’s credibility has also been significantly damaged by his association with Bradley Ruderman who was jailed for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme which saw investors cheated of $50 million. Ruderman is now seeking legal action against Maguire after losing over $4 million to the actor as well as some 21 other players. The 36 year old Maguire, who is best known for his role in the Spiderman movie franchise, has refuted the allegations outright. Gaming lovers have been gripped by the latest reports of Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker circle packed with stars. Stories of celebrity poker tournaments involving some of the best known names and faces in show business are generating a lot of buzz. The latest reports have centered on Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker circle involving players including stars such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Nick Cassavetes and Todd Phillips. Maguire says that the games were conducted on a casual basis in his own home and did not require a gambling license. He has also denied the existence of  the elite gambling ring consisting of wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs and attorneys. Ruderman has claimed that Maguire played host to a “regular roster of players” including A listers such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Meanwhile Maguire is preparing to appear in a new adaptation of the American classic, The Great Gatsby together with DiCaprio. The movie is being directed by the celebrated Australian filmmaker, Baz Luhrmann. Fans of both stars will surely be keen to see how the story unfolds in the weeks ahead.

2011 Movie: Wrestler Batista in House of the Rising Sun

David Michael Bautista, Jr. (born January 18, 1969), a previous American skilled wrestler, bodybuilder and actor greatest and  famous for his time in WWE and became a six-time world champion, winning the World Heavyweight Championship four times, and the WWE Championship two times. He became the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. In addition to these championships, Batista has won the World Tag Team Championship three times (twice with Ric Flair and once with John Cena) and the WWE Tag Team Championship once (with Rey Mysterio). Batista was also the winner of the 2005 Royal Rumble match. After trying out at World Championship Wrestling's Power Plant, Batista signed a contract with the WWF in 2000 and was sent to its developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he won the OVW Heavyweight Championship.  His is featured in the latest movie titled House of the Rising Sun (2011). 

House of the Rising Sun is a film with a personality crisis. In some instances it needs to be a current noir. In others, it wants to be a police procedural. It has all the elements of a good movie, but it ends up being a type mash-up without a story.  The film stars Dave Bautista (who wrestles for Vince McMahon's WWE as Batista) in this movie as Ray is a twisted ex-cop who turned ex-con and runs security for the House of the Rising Sun, a nightclub that doubles as an underground casino and brothel.

When some armed robbers seize the casino for $300,000 and kill the owner's son, Ray is framed up and winds up on the run, both from the mobsters who run the House and from his former colleagues in the police department.  As Ray finding his means closer to the truth, he found the evidence against him support up and his allies turning up against him. Faced with heading back to prison for life, Ray fights his way to the top of the scheme in an attempt to clear his name with no one on his side except his ex-girlfriend, Jenny (Amy Smart).

The film is directed and co-written by Brian A. Miller, is shot well for a low-budget production, and the pacing feels just right. Unfortunately, there's just not enough story to go around.
NFL PicksAny talk about the NFC East this sports betting season has to begin and end with the division’s most dominant team from the past decade. The New England Patriots are coming off of a 14-2 season in which they beat nearly every one of the top teams from around the league, and on paper it actually appears as though they are going to be a better team this coming year. The usual suspects are back with head coach Bill Belichick and franchise quarterback Tom Brady leading the way, but it is the revitalized supporting staff that should make the difference this coming season.

The Patriots’ young defense made strides a year ago, with Jerod Mayo, Brandon Meriweather, and Devin McCourty all earning Pro Bowl nods. That core group of young talent is complimented well by veterans such as nose tackle Vince Wilfork in the middle, and they should all be better with another year of experience in Belichick’s system. On offense, Brady was ranked first in a poll by his peers of the top 100 players in the league regardless of position, and will be another year removed from major surgery on his knee. Brady found chemistry with Deion Branch in his return to New England, and will have some solid weapons again as young tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski continue to develop and Julian Edelman and Wes Welker also return.

The biggest threat to New England’s chances at the top of the division is the upstart New York Jets, which have guaranteed a Super Bowl under head coach Rex Ryan this season. Ryan has transformed Gang Green into a monster on defense, but the offense will need to make strides this season with Mark Sanchez leading the way under center for a third straight season. Sanchez will likely be without either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes as both are free agents, and will need to be more than an online casino game manager going forward.

Things are unclear in South Beach where the Miami Dolphins are expected to go forward with Chad Henne under center, although they could go after a veteran that can challenge him for the No. 1 job. The Dolphins’ have a strong front seven and some depth in the secondary, but until Henne and the offense can produce with consistency this NFL picks team will struggle just to finish .500.

The final stop in the AFC East is the furthest north, as the Buffalo Bills look to claw their way out of the division basement. The Bills were very competitive with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center and lost several close games to playoff teams including the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they bump off Miami for third spot. There are still too many holes on the Buffalo roster to think that they can compete for a playoff spot, but they are clearly building in the right direction and their record should improve in head coach Chan Gailey’s second sports betting bonus season.

NFL LinesWith the NFL set to resume working relations with its players union later this week, it is once again time to open up the sports betting debate as to which of the six divisions to make up the NFL is the best and most challenging? For years, NFL betting lines handicappers have suggested that the AFC is the more difficult conference to win in, while the NFC has more bottom feeder teams. However, over the last couple of years, as seen by Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints in 2010 and Green Bay seven months ago, the NFC is becoming a more respectable conference.

Over the last couple of years, the NFC South, made up of the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has become the best division in the NFL. During the 2010 – 11 NFL seasons, the average amount of wins in the NFC South was an astounding 10. To put this into perspective, consider that in the NFC’s East and West Divisions, a 10 and six record would have allowed a team to win the division. However, in the NFC South, that was only good enough for third place.

Meaning to say, the South is becoming the best division in the entire NFL, if for no other reason, then the fact that they have raised the bar for how well teams must play. Last season, Atlanta came out of nowhere, to accumulate the second best record in the NFL at 13 and three. New Orleans had an equally as impressive record, at 11 and five, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team synonymous with mediocrity finished third in the division with an overall record of 10 and six. Detroit rounded out the division with a six and 10 record, which if they had played in the NFC West, may have got the team a divisional crown.

This offseason, while the NFL lockout was lifted for the draft, the NFC South laid the smack down on the rest of the league, as each of the four teams drafted absolute studs. Atlanta traded eight draft picks to be able to draft Julio Jones, a wide receiver to compliment Roddy White. New Orleans had two picks in the first round, as they picked up former Heisman winner and only running back of the first round, Mark Ingram, as well as defensive stand out Cam Jordan. While both Atlanta and New Orleans made great moves at the draft to help them contend now, Detroit and Tampa Bay acquired talent for the future.

Detroit had one of the best drafts in the last couple of years, as Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley literally fell into the Lions lap with the 13th pick. Fairley and former 2009 second overall pick Ndamukong Suh will form one of the scariest defenses for years to come. Tampa Bay on the other hand, was able to draft two stud defensive prospects in Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers. In theory, with the improvements to both Detroit and Tampa Bay, the fourth place team in the NFC South may win 10 games next season.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles OddsDespite a slow start to the 2011 MLB season, the Boston Red Sox rallied to take control of the American League East by the All Star break, and if they can avoid another terrible stretch they should be able to lock up yet another division title this year. The Red Sox took two of three against the Tampa Bay Rays to open up the second half, and will look to take another series on the road against an AL East opponent as they take on the Baltimore Orioles to open this week.

Boston Red Sox @ Baltimore Orioles

Tuesday July 19, 2011 – 7:05 PM ET

Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

MLB Betting Pick: Boston Red Sox - 120

Despite consecutive wins the Orioles headed into their series against Boston an unbelievable 18.5 games back of the division leaders after posting the worst record in the AL through the first half. Baltimore managed to hurt the AL Central-leading Cleveland Indians a bit in their first series back from the break, but should have a much tougher time against the Red Sox.

MLB Betting Preview: Boston Red Sox

While Boston’s bats continue to pace the majors in runs scored, the team has struggled to find consistent pitching behind All Star starters Jon Lester and Josh Beckett this season. The Red Sox will hand the ball to 24-year old Kyle Weiland on Tuesday hoping that the rookie can be better than he was in his first start, in which he gave up six earned runs in just four innings of work against this same Baltimore team. Weiland should feel a little more comfortable after getting his MLB debut out of the way, but Boston will need to give him a ton of run support if he is going to have any chance at clinching his first career win.

MLB Betting Preview: Baltimore Orioles

That run support will have to come against the 3-13 Jeremy Guthrie, who has allowed six earned runs in two of his four straight losses to see his ERA rise to 4.45 on the campaign. The 32-year old wasn’t awful in his last appearance against the Red Sox, but will need to stay in command of his location and make sure not to become too flustered early on. Unlike Weiland, Guthrie won’t have the best sports betting bonus offense in the majors behind him to bail him out if he struggles early, so he will need to bring his best.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

The expectation is that Weiland will be calmer in his second career start, and that will translate to more consistency at the dish as he does a better job against the Orioles than he did when he made his sports betting debut against them. Guthrie has struggled over the past month, so Weiland shouldn’t have to be too good to get his first win.

GAB Betting Pick: Boston Red Sox - 120

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles PicksSports Betting Overview

The MLB betting world is pretty familiar with the situation the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles are in right now. The Red Sox are fighting for the AL East pennant while the Orioles are languishing in the AL East basement. But the early season MLB baseball news was telling a much different story. The Orioles looked like they may be the team to beat in the AL East as the Yankees and the Red Sox were faltering early on. But the MLB scores slowly turned in favor of the Red Sox and against the Orioles, and now the Red Sox lead the AL East by a game and a half over the Yankees.

The Orioles could not sustain their early success and have fallen to a pace that is 18 and a half games out of first place in the AL East. Where there used to be visions of a playoff spot in Baltimore, there is now the familiar despair of a losing season. The Orioles pitching gave out only a month or so into the season, and now Baltimore is left with a team that can hit but cannot sustain leads on the mound. The Red Sox are trying to put even more distance between themselves and the rest of the AL East, and have come out of the All-Star break in fine fashion. The Orioles had problems after the break, but have started to turn things around a bit.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are starting to watch the Tampa Bay Rays fade out of the AL East pennant picture and are left with just the New York Yankees. Boston has won eight of its last 10 games, and is currently on a two-game winning streak. Taking the mound for the Red Sox in this game will be knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. Wakefield is 5-3 this season with a 4.74 ERA, but he is chasing 200 career wins. If he can win this game, it will be win number 199. His last start was a win over the Toronto Blue Jays in which he struck out seven batters and only allowed three runs.

Baltimore Orioles

Brad Bergensen starts on the mound for the Orioles in this game. He is a young pitcher that has spent most of the season in the bullpen. At this point, Baltimore will be taking a look at young players to see if they can improve their starting rotation for next year. Bergensen is 1-6 on the season with a 5.65 ERA. He last faced the Red Sox on July 8th and threw three scoreless innings. His last start was a nine-inning shutout of the Tampa Bay Rays on May 14th. Bergensen has promise, and the Orioles are going to need promise if they want to improve their pitching.

The Bottom Line

The Orioles may be able to hit Wakefield’s knuckleball, but Bergensen may find the powerful Boston batting order a little much to handle. The Orioles need pitching that can stand up to the offense of the Yankees and Red Sox, but this may not be the time they find it.

BSNblog Pick: Boston Red Sox

2011 Copa America Betting: Uruguay favorite against Peru

Uruguay vs. Peru Copa America Semi Final Betting OddsThe Copa America semifinal started with Peru against Uruguay on Tuesday July 19th, 2011. Both teams fell apart in the tie after the teams that left as Luxbet online betting favorites.

The Peruvian franjirrojos beat Colombia in overtime, while the Uruguayans, reissued the "Maracanazo" 61 years ago against Brazil, in putting the competition to host Argentina in a penalty shootout. Uruguay, as bettors are favorites on the odds, but seeing how it's going the Copa America so far, full of surprises, any talk of favoritism.

In the group stage, teams were finalists with the final result of a tie. Paolo Guerrero Peru ahead on 23 minutes and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez managed to equalize in injury time of the first half in a match where charrúas deserved more. Uruguayan defender Mauricio Victorino is ultimately discharged with a thigh injury in his left leg produced during the match against the Argentines, and neither will play Diego Pérez expulsion. Meanwhile, Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani, are a serious doubt to play the "semis". If you can count charrúas with Sebastian Coates, who returns after serving a penalty.

As far as Peru is concerned, makes it to the semifinals 14 years after his last appearance. It is a Uruguayan Sergio Markarian, who has starred this sprung from the bench, and not the first time the Peruvian away to Uruguay's victory. In 1939 they took the championship to the "celestial," which finished second in the playoffs where the America's Cup was decided at that time. It was not until 1975 that Peru was able to reissue the championship, after getting rid of Colombia in three games. From then until 1983, when he finished third, one can not mention any results worth mentioning.

Baseball BettingWhen the Boston Red Sox failed to reach the postseason a year ago, the sports betting media around the league was quick to point out that they were a team that was only a couple of offensive pieces and a healthy roster away from being a legitimate World Series contender. General Manager Theo Epstein went out and signed Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to mega deals, and a ton of Red Sox stars took the winter to rest and rehab from a variety of injuries that had compromised their 2010 season. Boston was labeled as the consensus favorite to win the AL after they completed those moves, and despite a slow start they rallied over the past couple of months to clinch the best record in the American League at the All Star break.

The Red Sox are one of the few teams in the league that can win games both ways, whether it’s an explosive performance by their offense or an outstanding start from one of the deeper pitching staffs in the MLB standings. Led by All Star starters Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortix, Boston finished the first half of the season with the league’s top-ranked offense, scoring 482 runs through their first 90 games, and registered the best team batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. They also sent two of their starting pitchers to the Midsummer Classic with Jon Lester and Josh Beckett both getting the nod, and if they could find some consistency with John Lackey and Clay Buchholz they could have one of the best staffs in the AL. That depth will be one of the keys to the Red Sox closing out the year with a pennant and clinching home field advantage for the postseason, but they are still a ways away from doing that.

The New York Yankees are right behind Boston in the AL East, riding the league’s best run differential to first place in the division for most of the season. The resurgence of AJ Burnett, Bartolo Colon, and Freddy Garcia behind CC Sabathia has been one of the biggest MLB betting surprises of the year, and how well those guys are able to hold up the remainder of the way will go a long way to determining their fate. This is still a team that gets by with its power-hitting, which is illustrated by the Yankees’ dominance with the long ball as Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson are right behind home run leader Jose Bautista. The loss of Alex Rodriguez for a couple of weeks could hurt, but New York should still be able to lock up a Wild Card spot.

The Central and West divisions remain wide open as well, although it would take a major collapse for the defending AL champion Texas Rangers to lose out to a Los Angeles Angels’ team that hasn’t been able to pass them despite an outstanding first-half finish. The Cleveland Indians have been one of the surprise MLB contenders this season, and their playoff hopes will come down to whether or not they are able to stay consistent over the second half and hold off the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have long been considered a talented team that just couldn’t make it over the hump, and this could finally be the year that they get the job done in the AL Central.

Baseball PicksIn North American big four major sports, All Star games at the halfway point or just after the season concludes, has become a staple for betting expert enthusiasts to wager on. However, over the last few years, the All Star games have become rather stale, as new ideas to spice up the games do more to deter fans from watching. Last night was the MLB All Star Game, and with so many MLB betting stars skipping the game, the end result was nothing to promote. Today we will be looking at what to do exactly with the All Star game.

For baseball handicappers, the MLB World Series plays a huge role in the quality of teams sent to the All Star Game. Essentially, baseball is the only one of the four major North American sports leagues, to entice players to play hard, as the winning league receives home field advantage in the World Series. In the other three sports leagues, the NFL, NBA and NHL, more and more of each league’s top stars are finding ways to get out of playing in the All Star Game, as they would rather spend time with family rather than their peers.

Are All Star Games losing their appeal? Absolutely, as we just noted most players try to avoid going to their league’s midway event. Meaning to say, if the players don’t want to go, then why should the fans even care about the game? Now it should be noted, that while many athletes attempt to skip the games, others are thrilled to go and are attempting to spice things up.

A betting expert example, the NHL and MLB both used unique concepts to entice fans to tune into the 2011 All Star Games. The NHL selected two captains for each squad, and allowed them to choose the players that were voted into the All Star Game for their respective teams. With the game’s best players picking the teams, fans from all 30 franchises were able to see where their favorite stars ranked in their peers eyes. Unfortunately for the Toronto Maple Leafs, star winger Phil Kessel was picked last. But Kessel was awarded a car and $20,000 to charity for being the last selected.

On the other hand, in the MLB, two captains were also selected in order to put together teams for the Home Run Derby. As a result of both of these ideas, fans tuned in thus allowing for the ratings for the events to go up. Nevertheless, many of our sports writing colleagues would argue, that the NHL All Star draft and MLB Home Run Derby super teams, is an acknowledgement that the All Star Games itself is losing appeal.

In our opinion, rather than have an All Star Game, the big four should make each half of their seasons more enticing. For instance, in the Florida State League for baseball, the season is broken into two 70 game halves, with the divisional leaders at each half way point automatically qualifying for the playoffs. If the big four adopted a similar concept, fans would be more intrigued to watch the games, in the first half of the season, since there is something at stake.

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MLB BettingSports Betting Overview

The San Francisco Giants are in a much different situation this year compared to the same time last year. None of the MLB betting experts were expecting much out of the Giants at the 2010 all-star break because the Giants were so far removed from the NL West pennant. San Francisco turned on the after-burners in the second half of the season and won the World Series. The Giants’ meteoric rise in the MLB standings had a lot to do with its pitching. As the Giants enter the all-star break in first place in the NL West, its pitching could be the team’s undoing as September arrives.

What a difference a year makes. At the all-star break last year, the San Diego Padres were posting some impressive MLB scores that had them in the middle of the NL West pennant hunt. But after the all-star break, the Padres fell apart and dropped out of the pennant race. This season, the Padres enter the all-star break in last place in the NL West looking up at the rest of the division. Now baseball fans in San Diego are wondering if the Padres can pull off what the Giants did last year and surge to the top of the standings in the second half of the season.

San Francisco Giants

The biggest problem for the Giants is the pitching that won them the World Series last year is not performing at a championship level this year. Madison Bumgarner was not an ace on the mound for the Giants last year, but he did not hurt their chances either. This year, Bumgarner is certainly not helping the Giants stay in first place. He is 4-9 with a 3.87 ERA, but he has been playing well as of late. Bumgarner is 4-3 in his last 10 starts and is only giving up an average of 2.5 runs a game in that stretch. But he has been wildly inconsistent. He has games where he has given up only one earned run sandwiched between an eight-run game and a five-run effort. The San Francisco bullpen has not been much help as the bearded Brian Wilson has had problems closing out games.

San Diego Padres

The Padres send one of their more consistent pitchers to the mound in this game in the form of Aaron Harang. Harang is 7-2 this season with a 3.45 ERA. In his last three starts, he is 2-0 and has given up only four earned runs. The problem for the Padres is run support. San Diego is at the bottom of the league in home runs hit, and near the bottom in team batting average. This is the same issue that caused the Padres’ decline last season. They could pitch, but they could not hit.

The Bottom Line

Could this be a complete reversal of last season? Will the Giants be the NL West-leading team that disintegrates after the all-star break while the Padres ascend to the top of the division? It could. But it didn’t look that way as each team entered the all-star break. The Padres lost seven of their last 10 games before the break. But, still, anything can happen.

Pick: San Diego Padres

Baseball OddsThe Milwaukee Brewers reached the MLB score All Star break in first place in the National League Central, tied with the St. Louis Cardinals for the best record in the division. It won’t be easy for the Brewers to hold on to top spot with the Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates right there with them, and with eight straight games on the road to start the second half they will look to open on a positive note against the Colorado Rockies on Thursday.

Milwaukee Brewers @ Colorado Rockies

Thursday July 14, 2011 – 8:40 PM ET

Coors Field, Denver, Colorado

MLB Betting
Odds: Milwaukee Brewers - 120

The good news is that the Rockies haven’t been very good at home this season, battling through inconsistencies to reach the All Star break at .500. The bad news is that the Brewers have the worst win total as the visiting team in the NL this season.

MLB Betting Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee will turn to young Yovani Gollardo to get the job done in their first game back. The 25-year old is 10-5 with a 3.76 ERA this season, and had won two of three heading into the break, but a closer look at his numbers tell a much different story. Gollardo is 7-1 at home this year, but just 3-4 on the road and his ERA in visiting ball park’s is 4.39. The Brewers will need to lean on their offense down the stretch regardless, and if they can get him some run support early Gollardo should be able to get the job done at Colorado. Milwaukee’s offense entered the All Star break at the top of the NL in home runs, and with a postseason spot within reach Prince Fielder and company will look to open the second half strong.

MLB Betting Preview: Colorado Rockies

While Gollardo has struggled, Colorado’s starter for Thursday night’s game offers an entirely different perspective. Ubaldo Jimenez has been awful at home in 2011, going 1-5 with an awful 6.24 ERA. The 27-year old was brilliant in his only start against Milwaukee this season, allowing just two earned runs in eight innings of work. The Rockies offense has done enough to get the job done at home this season, but it will be a tough sports betting challenge against a powerful Brewers’ offense. The Rockies have done a good job of manufacturing runs, but will likely need to provide plenty for Jimenez to get him the win.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

The Brewers have been awful on the road this season, but they understand that they will have to be better in the second sports betting bonus half if they are going to clinch a suddenly crowded NL Central. Jimenez has struggled at home, and with the elevation at Coors Field Fielder and company should be able to ride the long ball and do enough to get Gollardo the win as long as he pitches to his ERA.

MLB Betting Pick: Milwaukee Brewers - 120

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MLB All Star Game PicksAlthough they haven’t performed as well in 2011 as they did during their 2010 World Series championship run, the San Francisco Giants will be well represented at this year’s All Star game. Former Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum will be flanked by Giants’ closer Brian Wilson and Ryan Vogelsong at this year’s midsummer classic, as the NL pitching looks to make sure they do what they have to do to put together consecutive MLB All Star game wins.

2011 MLB All Star Game

American League vs. National League

Tuesday July 12, 2011 – 8:00 PM ET

MLB Betting Odds: American League – 110

The NL side ended their skid of 13 straight losses at the All Star game a year ago, allowing just one run in a close 3-1 decision that surprised more than a few fans in attendance that day. Pitching will once again by the key to their success in 2011, and they undoubtedly have the arms to get the sports betting job done.

MLB Betting Preview: American League

The American League will be led by a heavy dose of the AL East, with Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Jose Bautista at the front of the line after setting a record with 7.4 million votes. The reigning home run king was back out in front of the pack again in 2011 with 28 home runs with a week to go before the All Star game, and has shown no signs of slowing down. Six of the other eight starters are from the AL East as well, including four players from the New York Yankees. Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson blasted their way into the voting, while Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter’s appearances may be based more on their sports betting bonus resume.

MLB Betting Preview: National League

Lincecum will be among the top NL starters, with three pitchers from the Philadelphia Phillies flanking him, including reigning NL Cy Young award winner Roy Halladay. Halladay is joined by teammates Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels as members of what is undoubtedly the deepest and most talented pitching staff in baseball. The offense will come largely from a trio of Milwaukee Brewers, with Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks joined by Ryan Braun. The NL side has one of the game’s hottest hitters in New York Mets’ shortstop Jose Reyes, and they should be able to muster enough offense to compliment the strong MLB pitching.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

One year after ending their 13-game skid, the NL is looking to flex its muscle again with Lee back on their side. Last year’s team scored just enough runs to help out a pitching staff that was dominant in the sports betting win, and that will undoubtedly be the goal again as a talented group looks to slow down a powerful side from the AL.

BSNblog Pick: National League + 110

MLB All Star Game OddsAfter hitting 28 home runs up until a week away from the 2011 MLB All Star game, Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Jose Bautista will lead his American League side into the summer classic looking to get them back on track. The AL conceded their first All Star game in 14 years with a 3-1 loss in 2010, but with a powerful order led by the reigning home run king, they should be able to get back in the sports betting win column.

2011 MLB All Star Game

American League vs. National League

Tuesday July 12, 2011 – 8:00 PM ET

MLB Betting Odds: American League - 110

Bautista leads the top-three home run hitters so far in 2011 on the American League side, with New York Yankees’ teammates Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson right on his heels, and heading to Arizona as two of the five pinstripes’ players that will start.

MLB Betting Preview: American League

With David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox also among the starters named, the AL side has a decisively East division flavor. All but two of the starters are from the AL East, with Detroit Tigers’ catcher Alex Avila and reigning AL MVP Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers in the outfield. The AL might not have the big name pitching staff of its league rivals, but there is much more power in their order, and they should have no problem crushing some long sports betting bonus balls with Bautista leading the way.

MLB Betting Preview: National League

The National League has become known for its complete-game dominance, and the Philadelphia Phillies are a big reason for it. That is illustrated in the fact that the Phillies will send three starting pitchers to the All Star game in reigning NL Cy Young award winner Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee. All three of those pitchers could be the ace of nearly any team in this league, and the fact that all three come from Philadelphia is a big reason why they have dominated the NL in 2011. A couple of top hitters that those pitchers are very familiar with have been among the best in baseball in Atlanta Braves’ catcher Brian McCann, and New York Mets’ shortstop Jose Reyes, whose month of June showed everyone why he has long been considered one of the most dangerous hitters in the MLB.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

As far as the home run derby is considered, consider it to be in the books. The All Star game is a little different, but the AL has enough arms that they should be able to take care of the NL order, and as Bautista showed in the Blue Jays’ series against the Phillies last weekend, he is more than capable of going yard against both Halladay and Lee. The AL has dominated this midsummer classic for years, and in 2011 they will return to the top.

MLB Betting Pick: American League - 110

MLB OddsBetting Overview

The MLB betting dream continues for baseball fans in Pittsburgh. The MLB standings has the Pirates only one and a half games out of first place in the NL Central. Not only has it been a long time since the Pirates were in the pennant race this late in the season, it has also been a long time since Pittsburgh was above .500 in July. With a 43-41 record, the Pittsburgh Pirates are keeping pressure on the NL Central leading Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals while trying to stay ahead of the hard-charging Cincinnati Reds. The Reds trail the Pirates by only a half a game, and it makes for one of the best pennant races in all of baseball.

The Houston Astros occupy that place of infamy as the worst MLB team in all of baseball. The Astros’ 29 wins is the lowest in baseball and its 56 losses are the highest. In the last 10 games, the Astros have only won two games and that includes getting swept by the Boston Red Sox at home. The Astros have reached the point where, even though almost half of the season is still left to be played, they are now trying out new players to see if they have anyone that can help for next season. No one on this Houston roster is immune to being cut, and when you are 16 games out of first place before the all-star break, that is the way it should be.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The very consistent Jeff Karstens takes the mound for the Pirates in the first game of this series. Karstens is 6-4 this season, but his recent play, and his 2.65 season ERA, indicate that he is a bit more valuable to the Pirates than his record may indicate. Karstens is 3-0 in his last six starts. He is not the kind of pitcher that will throw a lot of complete games, but he consistently pitches into the seventh inning to get to the bullpen’s set-up man. His last three starts were interleague games where he went 2-0. He beat the Boston Red Sox and the hard-hitting Toronto Blue Jays while pulling a no-decision against the Cleveland Indians. Prior to interleague play, Kartsens’ last NL start was a six and two-thirds inning masterpiece against the Houston Astros where he allowed no earned runs and only three hits.

Houston Astros

The Astros will send one of their more consistent pitchers, Wandy Rodriguez, to the mound against Houston. Rodriguez is 6-4 on the season with a 2.97 ERA, but his record has been improving steadily in the last few weeks. In his last 10 starts, Rodriguez is 5-2, and one of those wins was a two-run effort against the Pittsburgh Pirates. During this most recent 10 game stretch, Rodriguez has held the opposition to no earned runs five times. He has had impressive control, and he gives the Astros a chance to win whenever he takes the mound.

The Bottom Line

The Astros just do not have the hitting to compete with the Pirates. Rodriguez gives Houston a chance in this game, but Karstens can shut the Houston offense down and keep the game close until it has to go to the Houston bullpen. That is when the Pirates will take this game over.

BSNblog Pick: Pittsburgh Pirates

Baseball PicksThe Boston Red Sox have struggled to stay above the .500 mark over their past 10 games, and are hoping to get back on track against a Toronto Blue Jays’ team that has struggled to hit that mark over the course of the season so far. The Red Sox are looking up at the New York Yankees in the top spot in the American League East, and will need to put together a couple of quality outings to close the sports betting gap before the All Star break.

Toronto Blue Jays @ Boston Red Sox

Tuesday July 5, 2011 – 7:10 PM ET

Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

MLB Betting Odds: Boston Red Sox – 130

In order to get that done the starting rotation will need to find a way to slow down All Star voting winner Jose Bautista, whose major-leading 27 home runs earned him a record 7.4-million votes. Bautista has been among the best in baseball since clinching the home run crown last season, and it will be on Boston ace Jon Lester to slow him down Tuesday.

MLB Betting Preview: Toronto Blue Jays

For all that Bautista has done for the Blue Jays this season, he could sure use some support. Bautista has hit .337 with 27 home runs, but the rest of the Toronto order has been largely inconsistent. With the exception of Adam Lind, the Blue Jays will need much more out of their young stars, with players such as Aaron Hill needing to step up in a major way. Toronto will send Brett Cecil to the mound on Tuesday, and that means the offense will need to be even better. Cecil has allowed at least five earned runs in three of his past four starts, and his ERA heading into the game is an awful 7.24.

MLB Betting Preview: Boston Red Sox

When you contrast that 7.24 mark with the 3.43 that Lester has sported so far this season, the picture for this game begins to really come into focus. Adrian Gonzalez is among the leaders for AL MVP, and although he hasn’t been able to match Baustista’s numbers his are very close, and he has gotten a ton of support from the rest of the order. Lester is 10-4 this season and is coming off perhaps his best start, a 5-2 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in which he didn’t allow a run in seven innings of sports betting bonus work.

MLB Betting Preview: Outlook & Pick

The Red Sox will enter this game with a lethal combination of offense and pitching, and that makes it hard to imagine the Blue Jays will be able to keep it close. Bautista has been arguably the best hitter in baseball the past two years, but he can’t do it alone and Boston simply has too much MLB firepower to compete with as they continue their chase for an AL East crown.

MLB Betting Pick: Boston Red Sox - 130