Looking At The Best And Worst World Series Scenarios For 2011

Baseball OddsWith roughly two and a half months left in the sports betting MLB season, fans and experts alike are beginning to think of the best and worst possible World Series finals for the 2011 season. This year has been one of the more intriguing MLB betting seasons, as many teams that by all accounts should have been out of the playoff hunt by now remain intact. Today, we will be looking at the best and worst case scenarios for the 2011 MLB World Series.

According to the MLB standings, if the playoffs started today, the teams to make the post season would be Boston, Detroit, Texas and New York in the AL and Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco and Atlanta in the NL. However, for all intents and purposes, we are basing this article on how we believe the final standings will turn out.

In our scenario, Boston, Cleveland, Texas and New York are the AL playoff teams. Meanwhile, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Arizona are the NL playoff teams. Here are a couple of the best and worst scenarios for these eight teams.

Best Scenarios:

Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies – On paper, this World Series final is literally a baseball fans dream, as the two best teams in the entire MLB, get to find out who truly is the best. Boston’s incredible offense would go toe to toe with Philadelphia’s outstanding pitching staff.

New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – In a rematch of the 2001 World Series, New York and Arizona would put together a great series. Now, at first glance, many would believe that the Yankees should sweep Arizona. However, consider that Arizona has been one of the best teams in the NL this year, and fans have plenty to get excited about. Similar to the Red Sox vs. Phillies World Series, this would feature a hitting verses pitching match again.

Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants – For the second year in a row, the high powered Rangers would take on the flame throwing Giants. This time, we believe that Texas could win the World Series, as their pitching staff is more diversified than the 2010 World Series runners up team.

Worst Scenarios:

Cleveland Indians vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – In the world of sports, the resurgence of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates has been one of the most feel good stories ever. Yet, having said that, this World Series would be one of the worst from a viewership standpoint, since nobody but either team’s fans would watch. Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh have developed decent teams, but can they really make it this far?

Texas Rangers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Playing in two of the hottest States in America, the Ranger and Diamondbacks would be a bad series because the Rangers would obliterate the Diamondbacks.


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