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It is easy for baseball betting fans to tell which teams are in a slump and which ones are playing well. Aside from looking at the records, all you have to do is watch the teams play. The Seattle Mariners made MLB baseball news by losing a franchise record 15th game in a row when they were beaten by the Boston Red Sox 12-8 over the weekend. The MLB scores should go your way when you have a future pitching ace on the mound, you score eight runs and someone on your team hits a grand slam. But even with the show of offensive power, the Mariners played like a team that was waiting to get beaten again. The Mariners could very well break their losing streak in Yankee Stadium, but it will be difficult in this opening game of the series.

The New York Yankees would be leading most other divisions in the majors with their 59-40 record. But they just happen to be chasing the second-best team in all of baseball in the Boston Red Sox. That means that if the Yankees want to remain a factor in the AL East pennant race, they will have to keep winning games. The Yankees have won six of their last 10 games, but that was not enough to close the gap on Boston. In reality, Boston picked up two games on the Yankees in that stretch. The Yankees will be looking to take three important games from the struggling Mariners.

Seattle Mariners

The AL schedule makers must have been in extremely bad moods when they put together the Mariners’ late-season schedule. The Mariners had a stint in Boston before swinging over to New York to play the Yankees. That is not the way for a team to try and combat jet lag. For this game, the Mariners send Doug Fister to the mound. Fister is 3-11 on the season but sporting an impressive 3.30 ERA. He has been a perpetual victim of the Mariners’ power outage at the plate. As an example, on July 2nd against the San Diego Padres, Fister went nine innings, gave up one earned run and lost the game.

New York Yankees

The Yankees will extend the Mariners’ losing streak to 16 games, and the reason for that will be New York starter C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia is 14-5 this season with a 2.62 ERA. He is 8-2 in his last 10 games, and lost his most recent start when he allowed two runs in eight innings against the Tampa Bay Rays. Needless to say, C.C. Sabathia did not like having his seven-game winning streak broken. The Yankees’ ace is making a statement for off-season contract negotiations as there are still rumors that he could opt-out for next year. With the way Sabathia is pitching compared to the rest of the Yankees’ staff, New York will open the vaults to keep Sabathia around.

The Bottom Line

The Seattle Mariners are not beating C.C. Sabathia.

BSNblog Pick: New York Yankees


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