NFL 2011 Preview: NFC East

NFL BettingIt is amazing what a difference a week can make in the fortunes of NFL teams. The sports betting world was convinced that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to run away with the NFC East when the 2011 season got underway. In a whirlwind of activity in two days during the condensed 2011 free agent signing period, the Eagles managed to erase any doubt that they will be the NFC East regular season champions by season’s end. But there are still questions to be answered in Philly, and the Giants and Cowboys are not going down easily.

Philadelphia Eagles – Predicted finish: First

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles felt pretty good about the team’s chances of winning the NFC East even before free agency. What made Eagles’ fans nervous was the team’s collapse in the playoffs. While some of the Philadelphia signings made sense in improving the team, others are more interesting to examine.

Vince Young will not be part of the NFL betting lines results for the first time in a couple of years as he backs up Michael Vick in Philadelphia. Considering Young’s tremendous ego, and his divisive ways in the locker room, it is interesting to see him agree to become a back up at a time when he should be peaking as a starter. This dynamic will be one to watch, and fans will be looking to see how head coach Andy Reid handles Young.

The Eagles had a pretty good defense, and it just got better with the signings of cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That leaves cornerback Asante Samuel’s future in doubt but any team could use three high-quality cornerbacks.

Dallas Cowboys – Predicted finish: Second

The Cowboys are the best of what will prove to be a bad bunch of football teams in the NFC East. The owners of the teams in the NFC East have systematically taken what used to be one of the best divisions in football and made it one of the worst. When Asomugha went to the Eagles, the NFL fans in Dallas cringed. The Dallas offense will now have a difficult time keeping up with the Philadelphia defense. The release of wide receiver Roy Williams now puts the Cowboys’ offensive fate in the hands of Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. It will be interesting to see if any kind of chemistry develops between quarterback Tony Romo and his two wide receivers.

New York Giants – Predicted finish: Third

The Giants will bolt out to an early lead in the NFC East and look like they may even grab home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. But in the second half of the season, the Giants will bumble and stumble their way out of the playoff race. How do we know this? It has happened for two consecutive seasons in New York and the same people that let it happen those last two times are still in place for 2011.

Washington Redskins – Predicted finish: Fourth

The Redskins are a mess. They have no quarterback thanks to head coach Mike Shanahan’s inexplicable behavior last season, and their defense is questionable as well. If the Redskins do not start some sort of rebuilding process this year, then it could be a long time before betonline Washington fans see the playoffs again.


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