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It’s only preseason, but it is something that many football fans and players thought they would never see. The Baltimore Ravens come into this season with some high expectations. The offense has questions that need to be answered such as the consistency of the offensive line and the leadership abilities of quarterback Joe Flacco. The NFL betting lines do not have the Ravens as a top favorite to win it all, but there is enough curiosity on the part of the betting public to make this Ravens team something to watch. The real pressure to win for Baltimore will come for inside the organization from leaders such as linebacker Ray Lewis and defensive secondary specialist Ed Reed.

The Philadelphia Eagles made a few moves in free agency that turned a lot of heads in the NFL. The most notable move was getting cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, but quarterback Vince Young and running back Ronnie Brown were quieter signings that could make a difference in 2011. NFL fans in Philadelphia do wonder why the Eagles would take a back-up quarterback that plays a similar style to the starter, but the Eagles are more interested in winning that in a change of pace in their quarterbacks. The Eagles are happy that disgruntled wide receiver DeSean Jackson ended his holdout and reported to training camp, but the team is not getting a lot of support from fans on this one. Jackson is scheduled to make $565,000 this year, and for the player that carried the bulk of the offensive load for his team in 2010, that number does not sit well with anyone.

Baltimore Ravens

Because of the shortened training camp due to the lockout, fans may not get the chance to see many of the Ravens veteran starters in this game. However, it is very possible that Joe Flacco and the first offensive unit could see two or more series in this game before being taken out. The offense is a primary concern in Baltimore, and the coaching staff wants to get the first unit as much time as possible together in this preseason to make up for lost practice time. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will see very limited action if they are even allowed to get on the field at all. But the Ravens also want to see their second and third string players as those units may get called on frequently during the regular season.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles fans should get ready to see a lot of second string players in this game. More than likely, Michael Vick may get a couple of snaps, maybe even a full series, but he will be quickly replaced by Vince Young. Ronnie Brown could start at running back to get some time behind the first-unit offensive line. The Eagles seemed to lack depth on their roster last season, so betonline football fans can expect head coach Andy Reid to take a good, long look at his second and third string players in this game.

The Bottom Line

The Ravens and Eagles are expected to be top contenders in their conferences this season. But one of the things that both teams need is depth. The shortened training camp and the need to look at second and third string players could be something that plays into the hands of the Eagles in this game.

BSNblog Pick: Philadelphia Eagles


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