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After the way that the New York Giants lost to the Seattle Seahawks in week five and the nose-dive that the Philadelphia Eagles took against the Buffalo Bills, the Washington Redskins are becoming the NFC East favorite by default. The Dallas Cowboys are extremely inconsistent, and the Redskins are proving to be the only team in the NFC East that is capable of putting two wins together. But the Redskins are not doing these things by accident. Washington has a very good defensive front and an active defensive secondary. The offensive line is opening up holes for running back Tim Hightower and giving quarterback Rex Grossman time to find open receivers. The Redskins are second in lowest points allowed and in the bottom half of the league in points scored. It is an interesting mix that is holding on to the NFC East lead right now.

The “Dream Team” has gone beyond nightmare straight to embarrassment. When the Eagles promoted offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator, the moved raised some eyebrows. The Eagles spent a lot of money bringing in a lot of top defensive talent and it was going to put someone who had never called a defense in charge of it. The experiment is failing, and the big names from the Eagles’ defense are hardly ever heard from during the course of a game. The price per head sports fans in Philadelphia just got rocked by the loss of the Philadelphia Phillies in the playoffs, and now they face the possibility that the Eagles will have a losing season. All is not well in the city of brotherly love.

Washington Redskins

The pay per head football fans in Washington, DC are amazed at how good the Redskins’ defense has become. Mike Shanahan was right in his decision to cut ties with Albert Haynesworth, and Shanahan was right in his decision to change the Washington defense to a 3-4 configuration. The Washington secondary is aggressive and opportunistic, and the front seven have been able to stand up to almost any opposing passing or rushing attack. Rex Grossman is not a great quarterback, but he really has not hurt the Redskins just yet. Grossman still has to prove that he can perform well in big games, and as regular season games go, this is a big one.

Philadelphia Eagles

The sportsbook reviews on the Eagles’ season to this point all show how important coaching really is to a football team. The Eagles’ defense is awful and can be traced back to a poor use of quality players by an inexperienced defensive coordinator. The Eagles’ offensive line is still unable to protect quarterback Michael Vick, yet very few changes have been made on the offensive line. The Eagles knew it had some serious deficiencies on its roster coming into this season. But the team has made all of the wrong moves to try and compensate for those deficiencies, and it is showing up on the field.

The Bottom Line

NFL fans in Washington are starting to believe that their team is well-coached, while Philadelphia fans still have no answers to the team’s poor start. When week six is over, things will not have gotten any better in the Philadelphia locker room.

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